EZchip delivers Network Processor with 10 1-Gigabit ports

EZchip Delivers Network Processor Based Platform with Ten 1-Gigabit Ports for Software Application Vendors
“EZchip announced the availability of a complete hardware/software platform, named EZsystem, based on its NP-1c 10-Gigabit network processor. The system is a stand-alone, self-contained box with ten 1-Gigabit ports that can be tailored by software vendors to a wide variety of networking applications to deliver unmatched performance levels. Applications include firewall, intrusion detection, load balancing, network management, VOIP gateways, content inspection and traffic analysis. The system has been delivered to early customers and is now generally available.”
EZchip approach is quiet different to Intel and IBM in that they remove most of the low level programming from the end user. Instead the user is presented with a suite of programming libraries. Depending on your requirements this, may or may not suit.
Given the complexity of NP’s this approach is quickly gaining popularity as it shortens the timeline in developing a solution.

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