Lightweight MTA Authentication Protocol (LMAP)

SPAM is being taken very seriously by the IRTF (Internet Research Task Force).
A draft document has been published outlining their proposal for dealing with this problem.
In essence this solution proposes the following:
“LMAP is based on two concepts: publication of authentication data by a domain, and application of that data by a recipient MTA. The combination of these concepts permits SMTP recipients to establish more reliably whether mail putatively from a domain is actually from that domain and that there is a responsible contact in case of questions or problems with the domain’s mail.”
There has been some confusion as to whether the IRTF are adopting only 1 solution. They have issued a press release to state that are not however. Microsoft, Yahoo and a number of other email providers have provided the IRTF with their proposed solutions. More than likely it will be a hybrid of several proposals.

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