TCP flaw could bring down parts of the NET

Flaw Puts TCP Data Transfer At Risk
“If an attacker were to send a Reset (RST) packet, for example, they could cause the TCP session between two endpoints to terminate without any further communication,” the advisory said. “In the case of BGP systems, portions of the Internet community may be affected. Routing operations would recover quickly after such attacks ended.”
BGP is an external routing protocol used between Autonomous systems. It utilises the TCP protocol and is vulnerable to this attack. BGP is used extensively throughout the NET and software such as looking glass allows you to view the BGP tables.
The fact that we rely on a protocol that was designed for the academic community back in the 70’s and 80’s does raise some concern for its robustness.
The beauty of TCP is its simplicity and adaptability e.g sliding windows etc the problem is inherent trust. The solution maybe to fix the layer 3 protocol by moving across to IPv6 and utilsing ESP extension headers. At the moment as far as I’m aware only 2 ISP’s are offerring IPv6, one in Japan and the other in the netherlands. As part of the degree in Software development and Multimedia studies in Tipperary Institute study TCP and Ipv6 in their year 3 module. This is a shared class and leads to some interesting cross exchange of views of data communications.

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