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Organising your content using


My colleague Bernie Goldbach has an interesting article about Lushe and how it allows you to build a list of sites that you utilise and use google to search through them

I am looking forward to attending the Broadband Conference at Tipperary Institute on June 2nd. Some of my colleagues will be giving talks about broadband and the Irish SME sector.

A number of vendors will be there also to offer their perspective on broadband for County Tipperary. It should make for an interesting afternoon.

FSA reports Fabless Rev Up 37%


Electronic News - Fabless Rev Up 37%

Reflecting the robust growth across the semiconductor industry, the Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) has announced that Q1 revenue for public fabless companies grew by 37 percent year-over-year to $8.2 billion.
Communications companies led the pack. Qualcomm's CDMA technologies division led in sales for public fabless companies in Q1 with $711 million. Broadcom was second with $573 million. Graphics company Nvidia rounded out the top three with $472 million.
The top 20 companies included five from Taiwan -- MediaTek, A-Data, Via Technologies, NovaTek

Analog Devices Adds Network Processor to Blackfin


Electronic News - Analog Devices Adds Network Processor to Blackfin

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) today unveiled a combined network and media processing chipset for receiving voice, data and video from broadband networks.

The two chips involved are ADI's Blackfin DSP and the second generation of its network processor, along with software, drivers, codecs and security algorithms.

"What we're introducing is Blackfin Fusiv to serve video, voice and data processing," said Peter Voss, European marketing manager at ADI. "In the future it will merge into a single chip," he added.

Online dating firms secures patent


Online dating firm patents cupid's arrow | The Register

The US patent office has outdone itself this week, awarding dating company eHarmony a patent covering online matchmaking.
In patentese, US patent no. 6,735,568 describes a computer implemented method for "identifying people who are likely to have a successful relationship".

Hopefully EU legislation will thwart these type of patents being filed in Ireland

Lindows wins trademark fight in the Netherlands


Lindows wins some in the Netherlands | The Register

Lindows has won the latest round in its trademark fight with Microsoft, with a Dutch court ruling that it can keep its name for general corporate purposes in the Netherlands.
The Linux distro had lost an earlier case in the Netherlands over the use of the Lindows name and had to change the name of its operating system and its web site to Linspire. However, it kept Lindows as its official company name.

Diffusion modelling solves problem of yielding better maps


EE Times -Chip diffusion modeling yields better maps

PORTLAND, Ore. — Diffusion modeling similar to the technique used to design semiconductors has helped solve a long-standing problem in information display — the cartogram.
The classic example of a cartogram is a U.S. map with the size of each state proportional to its population. Computerized rendering of cartograms was invented at the University of Michigan in the 1960s, but the technique has since languished because even the fastest computers take an inordinate amount of time to render a well-drawn cartogram using traditional algorithms.
Using diffusion modeling, University of Michigan researcher Mark Newman solved the problem with almost instantaneous renderings of accurate, computerized cartograms. "We were working on a totally different problem — how to represent Internet traffic congestion. I was aware of diffusion models as a density-equalizing effect. That just happens to also be what the classic cartogram does — it equalizes the population density," said Newman, an assistant professor of physics.

New URL -


I have finally registered a domain name for my weblog. Thankfully was available.

Hopefully this will help to drive more traffic and raise the profile of the Irish Silicon Industry.

Vibration touch technology from 3M


EE Times UK - 3M unveils vibration touch technology

SEATTLE — 3M Touch Systems Inc. unveiled a new "touch" technology here called dispersive signal technology during the Society for Information Display conference.
Dispersive signal technology, developed with NXT Plc (London), recognizes touch through vibrations to a substrate. Common touch technologies recognize touch on the surface of a display by the interruption of electrical fields, acoustic waves or infrared light.

40Gbps Cisco router launched

| - Cisco launches its fastest ever internet router

The router supports up to 92 terabits per second of throughput and 40Gbps internet connectivity.

The quest for speed continues and as we move towards higher speeds parrallel processing of data will become a necessity, thus the need for network processors

Financial and time pressues scupper Beagle 2


New Scientist

Time and money pressures, along with management lapses, proved a fatal combination for the Beagle 2 spaceprobe that aimed to land on Mars, an official inquiry has concluded.

I was a big fan of the beagle 2 probe from the start. There was something about it I found endearing. It had all the classic ingredients, ambitious, eccentric professor, science dream turning into reality.

The enthuasim of the people involved in the project was infectious.

I look forward to seeing a beagle 3. to locate customer support centre in Ireland?


Thats whats on the front page of the business suplement of the Irish Times. It seems that Amazon where in Dublin last week touring several data centres. It seems that two centres could be established to provide customer support, one in Dublin and the other in Cork. Over 200 staff would be employed.

I remember a few years ago during the .com boom the discussion over amazon and the fact that it was making losses. Well at this stage it seems to have paid off, in the first quarter of 2004 it generated1.53 billion US dollars sales and profits of $111 million.

Optimism rises in irish Software firms


The Irish Times reports in their business this week supplement that a recent outlook survey conducted for 2004 show 72% of irish software firms expect to increase revenue in 2004, compared to 40% in 2003.

This is a welcome development but as a researcher I found it worrying that of the 80 firms that responded to the survey not one had applied for funding from Science Foundation Ireland

Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is investing €646 million between 2000-2006 in academic researchers and research teams who are most likely to generate new knowledge, leading edge technologies, and competitive enterprises in the fields underpinning two broad areas:
- Biotechnology

New MPLS Core Migration switches now shipping


With a possible recovery in the IT sector a number of companies are entering back into the telco market with a vengance.

The latest to enter the market is Hammerhead systems with the HSX 6000 Migration Edge Switch and the Pegador Network Management System. This enables service providers to migrate their $20 billion Frame Relay and ATM revenues onto their MPLS cores, while introducing Ethernet services with a profitable business model.

What is MPLS? The glossary from provides a succint answer

MultiProtocol Label Switching. A short fixed-length label is generated that acts as a shorthand representation of an IP packet's header. Subsequent routing decisions (made by Label Switched routers) are made based on the MPLS label and not the original IP address. This new technology allows core network routers to operate at higher speeds without needing to examine each packet in detail, and allows more complex services to be developed, allowing discrimination on a QoS basis.

Unlike other companies that have announced similar products, this product is now shipping.

Hammerhead is a post-bubble startup, having been founded in January 2002 by veterans who were at StrataCom and Ascend Communications.

Happy 30th Anniversary Portable Computing


It seems that as I was learning to crawl IBM were learning how to build a portable computer. provides us with a history lesson on portable computing

In 1973 IBM began working on a portable computing project called "Special Computer, APL Machine Portable" (SCAMP). The idea was to create an electronic digital computer that would be no larger than a typewriter and that could be used by an individual. Although the CPUs of these machines were slow, the users didn't have to share CPU resources with others. The machine would have a built-in tape drive and a 5 inch CRT, and would be light enough so that a (strong) person could carry it. This machine would make extensive use of integrated circuits, and would be able to accommodate up to 64 KB of RAM. At the time, mini-mainframe computers contained 64 KB, so the machine could be considered a portable mini-mainframe. The machine was called the 5100, and the first prototypes were completed in early 1974. The 5100 became available for purchase in the fall of 1975, and was geared towards payroll and inventory tasks. The machine weighed up to 28 kilograms (60 pounds) in its heaviest configuration, and cost between US$10,000-20,000 (1975 dollars). The 5100 used a proprietary 1.9MHz CPU and contained a built-in basic interpreter. A carrying case and printer, as well as I/O adapters, were available extras. Primarily because of the high cost of the computer, the 5100 was not a succes

1.6 Billion euro Intel Expansion in Ireland


Its great to see the expansion of the lexlip facility in Co. Kildare. Intel are building a new fab plant to manufacture 65 nanometre technology. 400 jobs will be created and for college graduates this year including Tipperary Institutes Bsc in computing (Software Development) this is good news.

Along with Ebay and Google hiring in Ireland, the IT industry is looking promising. This should encourage leaving cert students to consider IT as a career path.

First MP3 player to support Linux

| Geek News - First commercial Linux support for portable MP3 player

Dell's Digital Jukebox (DJ) portable MP3 player will now be supported on the Linux operating system, thanks to help from Lindows, Inc., which has updated its Lsongs application to support the Dell DJ. Lsongs is available from the Linspire software warehouse. The price of the application is US$19.95--unless you are a Linspire member, in which case it's free.

Securing enbedded devices


when we think of security we seldom pause to conisder embedded devices that are plugged into the internet.

Niall Murphy discusses the issues surrounding securing these devices, and what changes to be made from a software development approach

Lycos 1GB email service


Lycos cuts ribbon on 1GB email service | The Register

Lycos Europe today unveiled a 1GB email service and cocked a snook at US rivals Yahoo! and Google. According to the PR guff, the Lycos email service will be free of ads and comes protected by anti-spam and anti-virus software. The service costs £3.49 ($6.17) per month.

The wireless wizards over at answer this question and provide some good practical advice.

As we are reaching the end of our cisco wireless instructor course here in CIT, I now have a greater appreciation of the security issues facing Access point and bridge deployment

I would have liked to have seen in the answer the fact that you can use RADIUS servers etc to maintain an enterprise level security. This may not be supported by all network vendor cards however.

Theft of Cisco IOS source code


At our cisco wireless course today, the topic of discussion was the possible theft of the source code to their router operating system IOS.

The register reports that according to Russian security portal SecurityLab, a hacker boasting he broke into Cisco's internal network and nicked source code for some versions of Cisco's IOS has posted a 2.5MB snippet onto an IRC channel as proof. Around 800MB of code relating to Cisco IOS 12.3 and 12.3t has reportedly been nicked. IOS 12.3 is the latest version of Cisco's software, widely used home office, branch office and enterprise routers. IOS 12.3t is an earlier test version. Access to Cisco's source code might make it easier for hackers to develop exploits.

If this is true I can see some troubling times ahead

It is reassuring to come across articles that reinforce your belief that your PhD research has merit.

Graham Hellestrand has written an article about How virtual prototypes aid SoC hardware design.

Having successfully modeled an Intel IXP1200 network processor using SheSim I can vouch for his opinion.

It is necessary to model before you create the silicon infrastructure, or else you are going to face a whole host of thorny system design issues.

Network Processor Programming explained


One of the first readable articles that I came across as part of my initial PhD research, was written by Dominic Herity for In this article he explains what network processors are, how they work and the issues facing programmers.

If you are considering doing some research in the areas of network processors, I would highly recommend reading this.

I hope to some day sit down with Dominic over a cup of coffee and discuss some of the aspects of network processor design and development.

[manet] Journal of Network and System Management Call for Papers



Special Issue on Management of Active and Programmable Networks

Manuscript due March 30, 2005

This special issue of the Journal of Network and Systems Management will consider topics associated with the management of active and programmable networks

Sunday Business Post Tech week roundup


The Sunday Business Post has a good roundup of the tech news in ireland this week, including the story that Irish students working in the US this summer will be able to top up their mobile phones using technology from Niall O'Cleirigh's Macalla Software

54km 802.11b wireless link using star-os

| | Comments (1)

A number of people on the cisco wireless instructor course use star-os to achieve a 54km link between dungarvan and waterford.

star-os is a Linux OS that has been designed for wireless links.

The distances that these guys are achieving are way beyond what most literature would lead you to believe.

There wireless Lan extends from Waterford - Rosslare, Carlow and Dungarvan. A wide variety of equipment is being utilised.

RFID - Privacy concerns


Wal-Mart attracts further RFID flak | The Register

"Grass-roots consumer group Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN), which is fighting retail surveillance schemes, says that Wal-Mart's decision to tag individual items on its store floor using radio frequency identification or RFID violates a call for a moratorium issued last November by 40 privacy and civil liberties organisations."

802.11e Qos for Wireless


Multimedia 802.11e standard speeds up | The Register

The Wi-Fi Alliance says it will skip an interim certification for multimedia and voice over IP extensions to 802.11x, since it seems that the IEEE standards body will fast track the full standard, 802.11e, to be approved by June.
The body, which tests and promotes WLAN standards, had been planning to release a stopgap spec – in a two-step process similar to that for Wi-Fi security extensions, by which the Alliance released WPA as a move towards the full IEEE 802.11i standard.

This is a hot topic of research at the moment in Ireland.

The growing demand for Wireless Courses


I am currently attending a Cisco Wireless Instructor Course in Cork Institute of Technology.

From a straw poll conducted with my CCNA 3.0 students there is a healthy interest for a Wireless course. Wireless is growing at a steady rate with irish wireless interest groups springing up around the country.

It is interesting to see that cisco are now offerring a wireless module for their enterprise catalyst 6500 switch.

HP Linux laptops


Linux News: Global: HP Debuts New Linux Business PC in UK

"In the United Kingdom today, HP (NYSE: HPQ) unveiled a new round of desktop PCs, offering customers a choice between Mandrake Linux 9.2 and Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Windows XP as default operating systems. "

HP are following the route of tadpole, they usually are a lower cost alternative to the windows equivalent.

Having used the talin laptop at the robocode 2004 event, I have nothing but praise for its build and integration with Linux

Walking the Wireless tightrope


As part of my preparation for the Instructor course in Cisco's Wireless Fundamentals, I came across the following article

It is an interesting read with some long range views.

Microsoft still figuring out how to implement AV software


John Leyden in the Register reports that - Microsoft are still in the process of developing a strategy for integrating the anti virus sofware that the accquired from a little known Romanian company GeCAD software. A year on and nothing seems to be happenning.

Jonathan Perera, Senior Director at Microsoft's Security Business and Technology Unit, said the company is not ready to announce a product strategy for GeCAD almost a year after the acquisition.

Until then we will have to rely on our firewalls and the daily update of our third party antivirus s/w.

EU software patent fight rages in Dublin


ENN has an excellent article explaining the intricate issues of software patent leglislation that is currently before the EU.

Tbere is a very fine balance to be struck between patents that protect startups and patents that stifle innovation and the ICT sector.

It is looking likely that Amazons 1 click patent will be illegal in Europe under the legislation.

Irish electrochromic display firm raises $9.5 million


EE Times UK - Irish electrochromic display firm raises $9.5 million

DUBLIN, Republic of Ireland -- Ntera Ltd., a developer of materials for so-called electrochromic display applications, has secured US$9.5 million in a round of funding, which it intends to use to expand its manufacturing operations and to drive international sales, the company said Tuesday (May 4).

The round was led by Doughty Hanson Technology Ventures and existing shareholders also participated and helped bring the total raised by Ntera to $30 million so far. The new funding moves the company from its research and development phase to a full-scale commercial production phase, the company said.

The money is to be used to extend manufacturing operations in Taiwan and Ireland and enable the roll out of commercial products ranging from handheld screens to large-scale public clocks and information systems. Ntera's technology is an extension of electrochromic display, which has been around for numerous years but suffered form long switching times, weak coloration and temperature sensitivity. Ntera claims to have solved these problems with a self-assembling monolayer that is formed over electrodes. The so called nanochromic display (NCD) technology has more than four times the reflectivity and contrast of a liquid crystal display, according to Ntera.

embedded chips now in running shoes


Adidas have developed a running shoe that contains a chip.

According to the company, the Adidas One automatically adjusts to the runner's foot and adapts to road conditions. The microchip drives a tiny screw and cable system that moves the heel cushion.

This is a result of 3 years of secret research.

What can we expect next? It seems William Gibsons view of the future is getting closer.

SCO Layoffs


Linux News: At Work: SCO Shrinks as Other Linux Companies Expand

SCO Group is laying off employees at its Santa Cruz office, prompting speculation as to the real motive for the move throughout the Linux industry, LinuxInsider has learned.
Competitors queried by LinuxInsider said they had not heard of the layoffs previously and found them "interesting."

Thurles Golf Club - testing shots



As you can see from the image I did not have the easiet shot on the 11th hole on the golf course. Thurles gold club is a mature parkland course, just outside Thurles. The 11th hole is a 194 yard par 3 with mature trees to the right, bunkers to the left, and in front "Jacks House", luckily I landed on top of jacks house. Which is quiet an "achievement". You will be glad to know that my second shot landed on the green and I finished out the hole with a 4.

Open singles are held every Thursday. The Pro Shop can be contacted at 0504 21983.

This photo was taken using a nokia camera phone.

Links to Conference Calendars


This site site is a usefull resource for the various international conferences.

As any one who is doing a Masters or PhD can appreciate, it is essential to keep your finger on the pulse of conference schedules and call for papers

EdTech2004 elearning conference


EdTech2004: The Fifth Annual Irish Educational Technology Users' Conference, Ireland's biggest eLearning conference, consisting of over 50 presentations, is taking place in the Institute of Technology, Tralee on the 3rd and 4th of June. Full details may be found at:

EdTech2004 is run by the Irish Learning Technology Association, a free association for anyone interested in the application of Information and Communication Technology to learning.

Call for Papers website


The Wireless and Mobile Communications group of the faculty of Information Technology and Systems, Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands. Maintain an excellent call for papers page

Submission deadlines are included and I have found it to be very useful in the past

IBM's exit from the Network Processor Market


Eventhough this happened back in Jan 2004, it is worth noting that IBM sold their technology to a firm that specialises in security. HIFN . The price paid was 15 million cash.

IBM will comtinue to manufacture the Picoprocessor PowerNP products for Hifn as part of its foundry business.

This move is indicative of where network processors are starting to reside, as high speed packet inspectors and classifiers.

Irish Music Magazine


For those of you looking for a good magazine on Irish Music, I can highly recommend Irish Music Magazine

Sean Laffey now living near Cashel in Tipperary Ireland and is the editor of the magazine. From planxty to Danu, they all appeared in this magazine which appears in my letter box every 4 week or so.

So of you are looking for review of music, gigs. Where the sessions are, look no further.

Broadband in Ireland is for urban dwellers only

| | Comments (2)

Well thats my experience of the broadband roll out to date. Eircom are quick to point out that all towns on the national spatial strategy have broadband and in total 137 exchanges (as of Mid April 04) are equipped.

However for rural dwellers in villages across Ireland, your only hope is that 150 people sign up on the broadband trigger program. This has to be done via the web, which straight away alienates people who do not have the internet due to its diall up costs.

The irony is that if they could avail of a fast flat rate access they would. But Eircom have not gone out of their way to promote this. If they were serious about broadband they would provide a free phone number and advertisements wih their phone bill to encourage people to sign up. Instead the latest phone bill includes 3 good reasons as to why to hold onto your phone line.

If I could avail of broadband I would get 10Gbps per month for the same cost as 25 hrs of evening ISDN access at 64K.

So until Eircom rectify this, I want a blanket ban on broadband ads on Irish TV or I will probably go hoarse from shouting at the TV.

SoC the alternative to Network Processors ?


CommsDesign - Broadcom retasks SoC for Docsis v2.0 duties

"SAN MATEO, Calif. — Broadcom Corp. has taken a creative step toward supercharging the cable modem architecture with the introduction of the BCM3349. The cable modem chip design is a study in transition from a traditional device into what will one day be a full media gateway system-on-chip (SoC). "

I will be following this development quiet closely as it has ramifications for my PhD on network processor design

Linux in Battle of the century


Ready describes the emergence of Linux as an end-to-end operating system spanning from enterprise servers to embedded devices, the emergence of embedded Linux as a standard platform for cellphones (similar to the emergence of DOS for PCs), the competitive landscape in the embedded Linux and larger embedded markets, the work of Linux standards organizations, MontaVista's specific market strategies and plans, and more.

Suggestion: be on the lookout for lots of "Ready zingers," including:

* "It boils down to two things: Microsoft has infinite money, and the rest of the world, combined around Linux, has infinite money."

* "... you've gotta say the handset stuff we've gotten into has been the most surprising, because of the usual thinking that Linux is too big, too slow, not realtime enough.

* "It's clear that VxWorks is dead."

* "Eclipse is a 'gift from God' in some sense."

* "Software costs money. A lot of money."

* "Embedded Linux is an unstoppable phenomenon. The future is extremely bright, and that's all I can say."

Network processor Company Agere combines MPLS, IP and ATM


"Agere and DCL's new software platforms combine Multi-Protocol Label
Switching (MPLS), Internet Protocol (IP) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
technologies and capabilities. Each of these technologies is key for
converging affordable, next-generation access, edge and core equipment."

Network Processor Firm posts 2nd quarter fiscal results


Silicon Valley Biz Ink :: The voice of the valley economy

Agere are of the leading manufacturers of Network Processors and provide an elegant solution to developers.

The report includes:

-- Revenues increase 4 percent over year-ago quarter, with growth in both Client and Infrastructure businesses

-- Collaboration with Ubicom(TM) Inc., a leading supplier of wireless network processor and software platforms, to develop high- performance access points, routers and network peripherals for 802.11a/b/g networks. These designs benefit from exceptional hardware and software integration, delivering high-speed performance using compact, low-cost Wi-Fi

New MetroWerks tool for embedded Linux


Metrowerks tool supports entire embedded Linux dev cycle

"Metrowerks has announced a version of its embedded Linux development suite meant to support the entire device development cycle in a single integrated development environment (IDE). The "Platform Edition" of CodeWarrior Development Suite will ship in May for PowerPC, ARM, and ColdFire, with support for hardware-assisted debugging, kernel-level and application development and debugging, and more, with any Linux kernel, according to Metrowerks.

A Metrowerks spokesperson said that new kernel-level and board-level debugging capabilities in the Platform Edition tools add the final piece of the puzzle in terms of doing development on and for Linux. "

Growing Role for embedded Linux


According to Linux

A whitepaper from IDC describes profound changes in enterprise computing that could bring a proliferation of embedded Linux devices to an IT department near you. The paper also examines Red Hat's evolving desktop and embedded Linux strategy in the context of this sea change.

The paper is entitled "Linux and Open Source Software as a Desktop Platform," and was written by IDC VP Dan Kusnetzky and Al Gillen. It was sponsored by Red Hat.

The paper begins with the opinion that enterprises are shifting, fundamentally, toward network- or server-centric systems, often in conjunction with simple thin (embedded) clients.

Linux is not as secure as Microsoft ??


Well so says Microsoft Australias managing director Steve Vamos

LinuxWorld | Microsoft MD defines open source, Linux differences

"Open source is not Linux which means users should assess them separately, Microsoft Australia's managing director Steve Vamos said yesterday.

Stressing that Linux is "not free", Vamos said open source is a development methodology and should not be confused with the commercial, non-free nature of Linux distributions."

E-Vote Problems Overwhelm Feds


E-Vote Problems Overwhelm Feds The new U.S. Election Assistance Commission says it doesn't have enough money to take care of voting-machine problems that may crop up this November.


This seems vaguely familiar...

For Those Scared of Offering Security


For Those Scared of Offering Security One company says that their integrated desktop security product eliminates all the headaches caused by off-the-shelf software products such as firewalls and anti-virus, leaving only peace of mind, increased revenuesand security.

Wireless standards from A to Z

| The A to Z of wireless terms and technologies

with the amount of standards emerging in wireless it can all get a bit confusing.

You can also use it to impress your friends when your down the (smoke free ) pub. Do not be surprised however if they start throwing beer mats at you.

Windows desktop users targetted by RedHat


Red Hat eases into desktop Linux

Red Hat Inc. took a calculated leap into the enterprise desktop Linux race today with a set of offerings for smaller installations where users need only basic functionality.

Red Hat Desktop is definitely the start of something bigger for the Raleigh, N.C. Linux distributor, whose CEO Matthew Szulik announced that partnerships with VMWare, Real, Macromedia, Adobe and Citrix will enhance the productivity and interoperability of future versions.

DoD issues security guidelines for Wireless


DoD issues wireless defense orders

After two years of internal policy debate, the U.S. Department of Defense last week issued rules that all branches of the military - as well as contractors and visitors - must follow to secure commercial wireless equipment and services.

NetLogic Microsystems Supports AdvancedTCA-based Intel Network Processor Development Platforms Development Environment Speeds Integration for New Systems Optimized for Communications

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., — April 12, 2004 — NetLogic Microsystems, Inc., the leader in packet classification and forwarding solutions for networking and communications, today announced the availability of an integrated development environment (IDE), with complete software and hardware development kits (SDK and HDK), designed to support Intel’s latest development platforms that are based on the AdvancedTCA™ (ATCA) form factor. This software and hardware evaluation solution speeds integration of networking systems based on network processors from Intel.

IP over Satellite


IPoS expands reach of satellite apps

"IP over Satellite (IPoS), which the Telecommunications Industry Association ratified as TIA-1008 in November 2003, is the only industry standard optimized for delivering IP broadband services over two-way satellite channels. Already implemented in more than 300,000 deployed satellite terminals (which represents about 70% of the installed market), IPoS will provide a catalyst for dramatic growth in the satellite industry by delivering always-on IP services - such as e-mail, streaming video, Web browsing and IP telephony. "

The big issue facing this technology is the 800ms delay from ground to satellite and back again. Being a rural dweller with no broadband service. It is a tempting solution. However I require low response times, so mu ISDN connection will have to suffice for the moment

The nudge to upgrade from Red Hat 9 to Enterprise


End of The Line For Red Hat Linux 9

"Red Hat (Quote, Chart) is hoping Red Hat 9 customers will now migrate to its Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) line. "

The rate at which Linux distro's are updated can often seem very daunting to some one considering using Linux. Thankfully they do have some nice online update features. I use debian and the apt-get command makes updates a less daunting experience.

52Million spent on a flawed e-voting system

| | Comments (2) - Cullen guilty on all counts - Kenny - The Irish Politics Website

Today's Report of the Commission on Electronic Voting is a ringing indictment of this Government's arrogance and incompetence, according to Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny TD.

"This Commission was only established following a joint Fine Gael/Labour/Green Party motion in the Dáil. Had it not been for that pressure, along with concerned Independent IT experts who voiced their concerns in the media, the Government would have pressed ahead with a flawed system of voting in the June elections.

The report found that:
- There was errors in the software
- The software wasn't even finished !

Now we have 7000 machines lying in warehouse gathering dust. Our prime minister wouldn't even comment on it.

This is coming at a time with local elections imminient. It would seem that things are not going according to plan for the Fianna Fail party.

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