52Million spent on a flawed e-voting system

Politics.ie – Cullen guilty on all counts – Kenny – The Irish Politics Website
Today’s Report of the Commission on Electronic Voting is a ringing indictment of this Government’s arrogance and incompetence, according to Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny TD.
“This Commission was only established following a joint Fine Gael/Labour/Green Party motion in the Dáil. Had it not been for that pressure, along with concerned Independent IT experts who voiced their concerns in the media, the Government would have pressed ahead with a flawed system of voting in the June elections.
The report found that:
– There was errors in the software
– The software wasn’t even finished !
Now we have 7000 machines lying in warehouse gathering dust. Our prime minister wouldn’t even comment on it.
This is coming at a time with local elections imminient. It would seem that things are not going according to plan for the Fianna Fail party.


  1. I wonder if proper voting ballots can be prepared in time for the June elections. And whether the tallymen are still available for counting, what with the rise of holidays booked and taken whenever sun shines more than half of the week.

  2. Liam Noonan says:

    I would think so. As most people probably realise that this is the last time we will have the manual counting procedure.
    Hopefully the govt, will engage in a consultative process with the IT community next time and produce a system that has been tested and has an audit trail facility

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