Broadband in Ireland is for urban dwellers only

Well thats my experience of the broadband roll out to date. Eircom are quick to point out that all towns on the national spatial strategy have broadband and in total 137 exchanges (as of Mid April 04) are equipped.
However for rural dwellers in villages across Ireland, your only hope is that 150 people sign up on the broadband trigger program. This has to be done via the web, which straight away alienates people who do not have the internet due to its diall up costs.
The irony is that if they could avail of a fast flat rate access they would. But Eircom have not gone out of their way to promote this. If they were serious about broadband they would provide a free phone number and advertisements wih their phone bill to encourage people to sign up. Instead the latest phone bill includes 3 good reasons as to why to hold onto your phone line.
If I could avail of broadband I would get 10Gbps per month for the same cost as 25 hrs of evening ISDN access at 64K.
So until Eircom rectify this, I want a blanket ban on broadband ads on Irish TV or I will probably go hoarse from shouting at the TV.


  1. Peter says:

    just want to let you know that we will, probably tomorrow or the day after, publish an article about the Eircom trigger scam (as we see it) and the failure of the Media to recognise the con-nature of it on
    I find your comment interesting.
    Would you let us quote or remark and link to your may 5 blog?

  2. liam noonan says:

    Hi Peter,
    Please feel free to quote and link to this entry

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