Planxty Live 2004

Planxty have release a DVD of one of their reunion concerts which was in vicar street Dublin.
All the old favourites are there as well as some new tunes. The DVD also contains some bonus tracks and a documentary. One of the bonus tracks (Where only our rivers run free), is a favourite of mine as it used to be sung by my Geography/music teacher Paul Kavanagh. He and his wife were part of a succesful group known as McMurrough.
The DVD is excellent and is a must for all planxty fans. The link below links to Christy Moore’s website (One of the member of Planxty). At 22 Euro it is a good buy.
1. The Starting Gate 4.38
2. The Good Ship Kangaroo 4.31
3. The Clare Jig 3.14
4. Arthur McBride 3.59
5. Little Musgrave 9.20
6. Vicar Street Reels (2004) 4.21
7. The Blacksmith / Black Smithereens 5.03
8. The Dark Slender Boy 4.37
9. As Christy Roved Out 4.01
10. As Andy Roved Out 5.17
11. The Kildareman’s Fancy 4.15
12. Raggle Taggle Gypsy 5.46
13. The West Coast Of Clare 6.05
Plus 3 bonus tracks and Documentary
Planxty 2004 live – Discography


  1. Boring Old Fart says:

    Old Fart

  2. Suzie says:

    The Fab Four are back! Great to see the DVD and the CD doing so well in the charts. Also, delighted that the boys may return in December..with new material?? They leave all other trad/folk combinations in the shade…Maybe, the Bothy Band might consider a revival? Nevertheless, Planxty were the mould breakers and the mould makers.

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