ISSC 2004 Belfast

I am currently attending ISSC 2004 where I was presenting some research in the area of system design.
Again the main attraction for me this year is the chance to discuss concepts with my peers across a variety of colleges.
The two most common question I encountered today regarding my work of modelling the IXP1200 using OO techniques, where.
1. Why do you want to create a s/w model of a silicon design?
2. What is UML ?
I found that my sequence diagrams and class diagrams really brought home the idea of why OO techniques are so powerful.
The questions I recieved certainly helped to focus my thoughts as to what should be done next.
Queens University should be congratulated for the excellent conference that they are hosting.


  1. david moloney says:

    Check out for modelling your architecture. It generates an Instruction-Set Simulator from a high-level description in archc and might be suitable for your purposes.
    – D.

  2. liam noonan says:

    Thnaks for the utl David, I will certainly have a look at it.

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