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Euromicro digital system design conference


I will be presenting at the Euromicro digital system design conference in Rennes France this week. So I will not be updating this site on a regular basis for the rest of the week.

I am looking forward to some interesting talks on the areas of specification and modelling and System-on-chip

Designing applications for network-processor-based systems


The article below was written in 2001. While its estimate of NP revenue of 2.9 billion for 2004 is way out (its about 80 -100 million) the article itself provides a good explanation of the issues facing developers.

The author is Dr. Akash Deshpande who is CTO and founder of Teja Technologies Inc. (San Jose, CA). Brian Ramsey is director of product management and strategy for Teja Technologies Inc.

The following is taken from the article and is well worth noting.

"To create truly "wire-speed" network infrastructure based on NPUs, developers need a software development methodology that facilitates iterative performance and headroom testing and integrates system design, modeling, simulation, testing, tuning, and deployment of network-processor software. "

Integrated Communications Design - Designing applications for network-processor-based systems

XP SP2 a pandoras box ?


According to a survey conducted by independent research firm InsightExpress for IT support firm SupportSoft, a third of IT managers have admitted that they have "no idea what to expect" when deploying Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 the remainder expect that the SP2 upgrade will dramatically increase the number of end-user support calls they have to deal with.

I think manufacturers of pain killer products will see a spike in their sales..... - One third of IT managers struggling with XP SP2

VOIP could be subject to DoS and SPAM


According to an article on denial of Service (DoS) attacks against VoIP networks are a real possibility, and there's even a distant risk of spam over Internet telephony, or SPIT.

The problem lies with Microsoft's adoption of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), a signaling protocol for Web conferencing, telephony, presence, events notification and instant messaging.

The possibility exists that once you're in a SIP environment you may become vulnerable to the vulnerabilities of the public Internet.

In January 2003, CERT warned SIP was vulnerable to remote code execution and other cracks, while the U.K. National Infrastructure Security Co-Ordination Centre advised early this year that the H.323 networking protocol for transmitting audio-visual data supported by many VoIP networks put them at risk for DoS and buffer overflow attacks.

Spam, DoS Headed VoIP's Way

Chinese Firm utilising mindspeed network processor


Mindspeed Technologies announced lately (Aug 16) that ZTE Corporation, China's largest listed telecommunications equipment provider, is shipping Mindspeed's Edge Stream Processor (ESP) and complementary EdgeMaker firmware in its next-generation M2000 large-capacity, multi-service switch.


Kodak accquires imaging chip business


Earlier this year Kodak stopped manufacturing traditional cameras and decided to focus on digital cameras.

National Semiconductor Corp. on Tuesday (Aug. 24) said it has signed a definitive agreement to sell its imaging chip business to Eastman Kodak Co.

"Kodak has a long history of image sensor innovation in both CCD and CIS technologies," said Chris McNiffe, general manager of Kodak's Image Sensor Solutions organization and vice president of its Display & Components division, in a statement. "The addition of the Imaging business from National will further strengthen our CIS design and development expertise as we target high volume applications such as consumer digital still cameras and camera phones."

Fighting the spammers with mt-blacklist


It seems that my mt-blacklist is now working properly. My activity log for last night displayed at least 8 attempts to place spam comments on my site.

If a spam comment now appears I can use a grep on part of the string using the despam option and add the url to the blacklist.

Network Processor Benchmarking Results


In the past few months some new reports have been posted to the npforum website. These include the EZChip NP 1c-10, Intel IXP2800 and 2400.

The benchmark specifications are also available on the npforum site and can be downloaded for free

Architectural Considerations for network processors


As part of Prof Evans subject EE 382C Embedded Software Systems at the
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin. A report was written by David N. Armstrong concerning modelling a network processor using C++.

The report and its findings can be found here

mt-blacklist Spam filter fixed


I have now fixed the problem I was having with MT-Blacklist spam filter.
The filter was not picking up on comment and trackback spam eventhough the web interface worked fine.

After some investigation and reading the install instructions CAREFULLY I found the problem. It turns out I placed an important file in the wrong sub folder. Hopefully my site will now stay spam free

Intel Centrino Glitch Fixed


An Intel Corp. executive has told analysts that the chip maker has found and fixed a glitch that pushed launch of the next-generation Centrino mobile CPU, code-named Sonoma, to the first quarter of 2005 and confirmed that some units would ship to PC makers in the fourth quarter of 2004.

"We wanted to make sure we addressed a quality issue we found in a late stage of validation," Anand Chandrasekher, vice president of Intel's Mobile Platforms Group, told financial analysts on Wednesday (August 11). "We have since found that issue and fixed it."

Cisco to accquire P-Cube


Controlling Network Traffic and providing a Quality Of Service to end users is an important aspect of network Management. Cisco recoginises this fact and has agreed to buy software developer P-Cube in a cash-and-options deal Cisco valued at $200m (£110m).

P-Cube makes software to help service providers analyse and control network traffic.
Cisco plans to continue selling P-Cube's software as stand-alone products for the foreseeable future. It will also work on incorporating the technology into its hardware and software, said Pankaj Patel, general manager of Cisco's broadband edge and mid-range routing business unit.

Patel estimates it will be at least nine months before Cisco completes its software integration, and a year before its hardware is integrated with P-Cube's technology.

Cisco to acquire P-Cube for $200m

Cisco IOS changing to Real time platform


The CCNA night course we run at Tipperary Institute is very popular and will soon be starting again in September.

It is with interest that I read that the IOS which is the OS for the cisco routers will be changing in the future.

IOS currently works as a single piece of executable code on a router; features and functions are added into unique software builds, based on customer needs. The new architecture more resembles a PC or server, with an underlying operating system that runs IP services as separate processes - similar to Microsoft Word running on a Windows PC. Observers say this technique can make routers more resilient and faster.

IOS-XR is Cisco's next-generation operating system for its new flagship CRS-1 router, which scales to 96T bits of bandwidth with support for multiple OC-768 (40G bit/sec) SONET interfaces. IOS-XR is based on a microkernel from QNX Software Systems, which makes real-time operating system software.

IOS changes could alter face of Cisco routers

The basics of network processors


Linley Gwennap has written an article for that provides a good overview of network processors.

It is a snapshot of the industry as it stands and is well worth a read. - The basics of network processors

Roke Manor Research Network processor Cores


Roke Manor Resarch a UK company have developed a network processor called ProPars, (header processing) core, and a Very-high-speed Address Look Up Engine (VALUE).

ProPars Network Processor

The ProPars network processor is a micro-programmable core that supports packet forwarding functions for the next generation of routers, including making forwarding decisions, performing header manipulation and packet scheduling. It consists of a number of header processing engines (HPEs). The initial core developed for a Xilinx Virtex FPGA consisted of 4 HPEs. However, the architecture is such that it is scalable and can be extended to form a network processor with 64 HPEs. This would be capable of processing over 40 million packets per second.

Network Processor Cores

Andy Irvine on Tour in Ireland


Andy is on a short tour which he is promoting the talents of James Fagan & Nancy Kerr and Kate Burke & Ruth Hazleton.

See for details

Lawn mower man


Summer time is here and I am taking a few weeks holidays from work and my PhD. As a result of this will be updated on a more erratic basis than usual :-)

The weather at the moment in Ireland is Humid and showery, this is great news for my neighbours who are waiting to harvest their second cut of silage. Myself however is faced with the prospect of mowing the lawn on bi-weekly basis. At least I have a ride on mower ! Must get an MP3 stereo installed on it :-)

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