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Planxty to play Dublin in December


On Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th of Decemeber planxty will be playing in the Point Theatre in Dublin. This venue is significantly larger than vicar street where the played back in February.

For More info and Tickets visit:

First Wi-Fi secure Products certified


MANHASSET, N.Y. — The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced the first products to be certified for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 security compliance. It also introduced a Wi-Fi multimedia certification program for quality of service in wireless LANs. The first certified products are pending.

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) builds on its predecessor, which was based upon prestandard IEEE 802.11i extension elements. That spec has since been finalized. WPA2 adds the Advanced Encryption Standard, which is considered essential to meet FIPS140-2 government security requirements. - First Wi-Fi-secure products certified, QoS certification pending

Cafe et croissant


I am now in sunny Renne attending the 30th Euromicro and DSD Symposium at IFSIC Campus universitaire de Beaulieu. I can confirm that the croissants taste better in France than they do in Ireland.

With speakers from as far flung places as Australia, Ukraine, USA it should make for a rewarding experience.

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