Fluke handheld network analyser utilises embedded Linux

Fluke have launched a handheld network analyser that runs on embedded linux.
We use the fluke products at Tipperary Institute as part of our CCNA programme.

According to Fluke, the EtherScope can discover up to 1,000 network devices, which it compiles in an internal database. It also discovers each device’s nearest switch, said to aid in resolving issues and tracking configuration changes. Discovered devices can be organized by subnet, NetBIOS domain, or IPX network. Switches can be scanned for traffic statistics, errors, and connected devices on each port.
The Etherscope is based on an Intel XScale PXA255 processor, clocked at 400MHz. It also includes a Xilinx FPGA (field programmable gate array) that loads various binary “overlays” dynamically, according to what the device is being used for,
On the software side, the device runs a 2.4.19 Linux kernel sourced from kernel.org.
Handheld network analyzer runs embedded Linux

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