ACM – Concurrent Hardware-Software Design Methods Call for Papers

ACM transaction on embedded computing have a call for papers on the following.
SoC design complexity threatens continuation of current design schemes. In fact, designing SoC requires concurrent design of complex embedded software and a sophisticated hardware platform that may include several heterogeneous CPU subsystems. The lack of early coordination between different teams belonging to different cultures causes delay and cost overheads that are no more acceptable for the design of embedded systems. Programming models have been used to coordinate software and hardware communities for the design of classic computers. A programming model provides an abstraction of HW-SW interfaces and allows concurrent design of complex systems made of sophisticated software and hardware platforms. Examples include API at different abstraction levels, RTOS libraries, drivers, typically summarized as hardware dependent software. This abstraction smoothes the design flow and eases interaction between different teams belonging to different cultures, hardware, software and system architecture. This special issue addresses the application of this concept to SoC with emphasis on practical issues.
Submission date is Feb 15 2005
More details can be found here

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