New Travel Aggregator- Mobissimo

Wired recently brought to my attention the growing number of travel aggregators that are competing to offer the general public cheap air fares.
The new kid on the block is Mobissimo which is the brain child of Stanford University graduates (former graduates of Stanford have created companies such as yahoo and google).
Mobissimo takes a visitor’s query and scours about 80 other travel sites and search engines, typically returning a wider array of prices, airlines, and options. The fledgling company already handles about 500,000 travel searches a month.
The site has received favourable reviews from Wired, CNN and Business Week.
I decided to test the site by pricing flights from Dublin to Barcelona in January, the search took about 20 seconds and produced a large number of results, ranging from 143 return to 1807 Euro.
The only issue I have with these aggregators is they cannot pick up on all the deals that the airline offer, some times you just have to visit the individual airlines to check e.g aerlingus and Ryan Air

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