Simplescalar install

I have been attempting to install Simplescalar onto my laptop for the past few days. As a result of this I accidently wiped my knoppix installation from my vmware environment. I discovered some install instructions that finally worked but it meant that I had to install RedHat ver 9.
Dr. Narahari provides some good instructions about how to install it. The one thing I would stress is that you must unpack all packages first!!!.
My usual approach is to unpack a package at a time and install, with simplescalar however some of the packages depend on libraries from other packages that haven’t been installed such as simple-tools which contains the majority of the header files. So 3 days later I now have a working version of simpelscalar.
With new found optimisim I decided to install Simplescalar version for the ARM platform as Simplescalar handles MIPS instructions not ARM. The cross compiler kit has installed o.k but simplesim-arm is crashing out on errors with eval.c. There is a patch out there that might help.

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