ARM Ltd. previews its ARMv7 microprocessor architecture

At the Embedded Systems Conference this week, ARM Ltd. previewed its ARMv7 microprocessor architecture.
Processors in this new family will be available in three distinct profiles for different application spaces. This three-pronged approach, said ARM, “will enable systems designers to intelligently match the CPU to their chosen application target, optimizing performance, power consumption, code size, and silicon cost.”
ARM classifies its new processor families according to three “profiles,” as follows:
* The A profile of the ARMv7 processors is for sophisticated, virtual memory-based OS and user applications, such as consumer entertainment and wireless products running operating systems such as Linux, Windows CE, and Symbian OS.
* The R profile is for control applications running real-time operating systems, such as automotive, networking, and imaging applications.
* The M profile is optimized for extremely cost-sensitive embedded applications such as microcontrollers, automotive body systems, and white goods.
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