CCNA Exam Advice

TIPPINST – We have just started our final semester of CCNA i.e. CCNA 4. Our students are very interested in the 640-801 exam and what is expected of them.
Given the fact that you have about 90 mins to complete 50 odd questions and a number of e-sims to carry out it can be a stressful experience.
There are numerous websites on the internet that offer braindumps or answers to cisco questions but students should be beware as the quality of the questions and answers vary dramtically. I have come across websites that supply practice questions only to find that the answers are incorrect. Trying to prepare for the cisco exam by only reading these questions is a dangerous route to take. Students must be very familiar with all aspects of subnetting and routing configuration commands. The big downfall for students is not their lack of knowledge but the fact that they don’t do the following:
1 – Read the question carefully so as to ascertain what is being asked
2 – Watch your time, if you spend too long on the e-sims you will not have enough time to complete the exam
3 – save your work on the e-sim and verify that what you have configured works
Finally practice your subnetting !

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