mycokemusic offers serious value for money

I have managed to keep some of the ring pull tabs and try out the mycokemusic web site. To date I have earned 48 euro approx. The range of music is not extensive but there are some hidden gems that offer value.
What is annoying however is that not all albums can be purchased, this forces you to buy tracks individually.
The best buy however was the Nirvana box set of 61 tracks “With the lights out” this was priced at 11.99 !
You really have to wade through the site however to find what you are looking for If you are a fan of Queen they have all their albums up for purchase.
The offer expires on May 7th 2005.

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  1. Liam Burke says:

    The Coke Music offer brings several interesting items to the forefront:
    I have amassed 35 ring pulls and labels to date in the space of three weeks and have only purchased a 6 pack of coke. So this means in the 12-minute walk to and from college I encounter a lot of rubbish if I can locate 29 coke cans/bottles. It makes you take more notice of the landscape around you and how we are so used to rubbish on the streets around us that we don’t realise it until you have to look at it.
    Another item I noted today while out walking that there was plenty of coke labels to be seen from the see through recyclable bags. This could be an interesting market research utility to see where households shop where and what for. Do they get certain items in a local shop and have to go to supermarkets to get the rest.
    Also with news of the UK chart now including Internet downloads there are many problems as you have seen through ; they only have 500,000 which limits your choice and also means that record labels could purchase a chart position because you can’t track products purchased like in a shop as to who purchased the songs.
    The problem with file types, it is in .wma format so my iPod can’t play it. But the money I am saving from getting singles for free allowed me to purchase a 128mb mp3 player from my brother who got it free with a mobile phone offer.
    Also is it illegal if you find a coke can on the side of the road and get a free single from it without paying (Illegal file sharing in a long winded kind of way)?
    And lastly about advertising some people I encountered drinking coke did not even notice to look and see what the offer was about.

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