Upperchurch Drombane Broadband Scheme Update

We will be distributing information to people who we think may be interested in broadband. If you don’t receive an information leaflet, they will be available in the following shops: O’Dwyers, Ryans and Fahy’s of the metal bridge.
We have until Wed April 13th to finalise our list of people who are interested in broadband. The process after that will be as follows.
1 – The list of people who are interested will be provided to the North Tipp broadband coordinator.
2. – The North Tipp coordinator will identify a list of suitable broadband providers.
3- We will then hold discussions with the various broadband providers so as to identify a suitable provider.
4- Once we are happy with the provider , their service, pricing, support etc we will then proceed with the application.
5- At this point the identified broadband provider will carry out an initial survey so as to indentify what amount of equipment will be required to provide broadband to all interested people.
6 – The broadband provider will then complete a govt application form (called G1) which identifies what equipment will be required, suitable sites, planning issues if any as well as associated costs. This form will be co signed by the provider and the Upperchurch Drombane Broadband Scheme committee.
7 – If the application is succesful a roll out of the service will commence within ( 2 -3 months approx) At this stage people who are interested will be asked to take out a subscription to the service before roll out begins.

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