1 year and 1 week later

Just realised that my site was 1 year old last tuesday. Its been an interesting year and looking back I can see the benefits of maintaining this site.
From a research perspective the MYSQL database back end is storing interesting articles and links that I have come across. The emails I have received from fellow researchers as a result of these articles have been worth the effort put in to them.
The Irish blogging community is an interesting group to “hang out” with, even though I tend to say little, I read and take in alot. I have come across many interesting sites and their respective authors. I am constantly blown away by the quality of the articles out there. This medium allows the author to write with out limits or worry about column inches. The discussion lately irishblogs group about “journalist privledge” for bloggers makes for interesting reading. There are alot of smart people out there and only for irishsilicon.com and the tangents that it creates I would have not been aware of their existence.
The one problem I have with irishsilicon is that it requires strict time management or else it turns in to a black hole in to which all time, productivity and phd effort gets sucked into.

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