Kelloggs advertising muddling parents

TIPPINST – Its a sure sign that I am turning into a fully fledged parent when I start to worry about whats in the breakfast cereal that my 19 month old son is eating.
Kelloggs have been advertising a multigrain cereal with a prebiotic ingredient called Rice Krispies Muddles. This sounded to us like a nice alternative to the rice krispies that Eoin usually has for his breakfast. So we duly purchased a box, which turned out be more expensive than rice krispies (€3.75), when I opened the box one early morning the aroma of toffee and chocolate immediately struck me. My first reaction was we must have bought coco pops by mistake, when I checked the ingredients the sugar content (20g per 100g) is twice the level of rice krispies.
The caramel flavour was never something that was pushed in the adverts but when I had a look at kellogg’s website they do mention it.
“Rice Krispies Muddles are a tasty, fun-shaped cereal made from rice, oats and maize with a light caramel flavour. Muddles are the first kids’ breakfast cereal in the UK to contain a prebiotic ingredient, which means they offer a convenient and fun way to help to keep children healthy by promoting good digestive health.”
I will beg to differ with Kellogg’s assessment that this breakfast cereal promotes health, rather it promotes a sweet tooth. So its back to the Rice Krispies.

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