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Monday night was a perfect night for a concert, blue skies, warm sunshine and a bar less than 30 yards from where we were seated. There had been a number of complaints from people who attended the Friday night concert especially those seated in the canal end at the back of the stadium. Letters to the editor in the Irish Times described the sound as oppressive and hard to make out what Bono was saying. Thankfully all this had been rectified for the Monday concert. The sound was perfect (like sitting in a surround sound cinema) the video screens were crystal clear and the backdrop was amazing especially later on in the show when it got darker. Great concert and the white wine being served wasn't bad either.

TIPPINST - We use POOSL to model a complex network processor and recently were notified by the authors of this tool that they will be hosting a tutorial session at two conferences this summer.

The first will take place at the Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design in Porto Portugal from August 30th to Sept 3rd. I presented a paper at their conference in Rennes last year and found it a very interesting and well worth attending.

The second will take place at FDL 05 in Lausanne Switzerland from Sep 27th to 30th. (Forum on specification and Design Languages) is the European forum to exchange experiences and learn about new trends in the application of languages and models for the specification and modeling of electronic and heterogeneous systems.

TIPPINST - Douglas Comer, author of several academic text books on networking posted a message today to the IXP1200 network processor list to announce that Version 2XXX of his Network Systems Design Book should be hitting the shelves soon. The first version of the book provided examples based upon the Intel IXP1200 platform it seems that the new version will focus on the the 2400.

Happy reading.

How the Beatles rescued music

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TIPPINST - Howard Goodall presented a very interesting programme on Monday morning on Channel 4 as to how versatile and complex some of the beatles music was. 'The big story of 20th century music,' he says, 'is the way that classical and popular music collided with each other to create a new musical mainstream … In the 1960s, with classical music at its lowest ebb, the most important composers in the world were without doubt The Beatles.'

Songs like Elanor Rigby were based upon 14th century dorian scales (i.e. church/folk music). Lennon and McCartney had the ability to integrate other cultures into main stream pop.

Goodall argued that classical composition lost its way by breaking with the traditional 'language' of Western music that listeners understood. The Beatles, he says, threw music a lifeline by building on foundations abandoned by the modernists – keys, harmony and different scales.

Hopefully this programme will be repeated in the future.

Howard Goodall's Twentieth Century Greats

TIPPINST - Iain Archer former member of snow patrol is currently on tour in Ireland.

Bangor man Iain Archer began playing guitar at the age of 13. Two albums - 'Playing Dead' (1995) and 'Crazy Bird' (1996) - and tours with David Gray and Nils Lofgren followed. After some gigs with Snow Patrol, he joined the band and was later to co-write their breakthrough hit 'Run', he then decided to step back out of the band and continue on his own solo career. The Irish tour will be promoting the release of his album "flood the tanks" and the single "Boy Boy Boy".

Tickets are 12 euro (I think)

TIPPINST - On Friday June 17th an excellent line up will be appearing at Morrisseys pub Thurles. They include Republic of Loose, The Marshal Stars,Director and The Blizzards admission is only 12 Euro. This is a great chance to see some of the best bands that are currently touring Ireland. Tickets are available from Heart beat City music store in Thurles.

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