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Selected Papers from the European Wireless 2004 Conference


TIPPINST - the current issue of Computer Networks Volume 49, Issue 3, Pages 295-464 (19 October 2005)is dedicated to Selected Papers from the European Wireless 2004 Conference
24-27 February 2004

Edited by Bernhard Walke, Luciano Lenzini, Bijan Jabbari

Its well worth a read.

Table of contents

1. Editorial Board
Page CO2

2. Guest editorial
Pages 295-298
Bernhard Walke, Luciano Lenzini and Bijan Jabbari

3. Cooperative multi-hop transmission in wireless networks
Pages 299-324
Patrick Herhold, Ernesto Zimmermann and Gerhard Fettweis

4. High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA)—Enhanced Data Rates for UMTS Evolution
Pages 325-340
Ingo Forkel, Hartmut Klenner and Andreas Kemper

5. Analysis and performance evaluation of the OFDM-based metropolitan area network IEEE 802.16
Pages 341-363
Christian Hoymann

6. Provisioning and performance of mobility-aware personalized push services in wireless broadband hotspots
Pages 364-384
Ian Herwono, Joachim Sachs and Ralf Keller

7. Performance evaluation of SIP-based multimedia services in UMTS
Pages 385-403
Dirk Pesch, Maria Isabel Pous and Gerry Foster

8. System performance and adaptive configuration of link adaptation techniques in packet-switched cellular radio networks
Pages 404-426
Javier Gozalvez and John Dunlop

9. A generic IP paging architecture and protocol
Pages 427-448
Marco Liebsch and Bernd Lamparter

10.Performance analysis of a Denial of Service protection scheme for optimized and QoS-aware handover
Pages 449-464
Tianwei Chen, Michel Sortais, Günter Schäfer, Stefan Adams, Changpeng Fan and Adam Wolisz

The story of sci fi - Empire magasine Special

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TIPPINST - Empire magasine have a special supplement on the story of sci fi from a film and authors point of view. Ian Banks, Kubrick, Welles etc all get a mention and in some cases a bio. Worth a read if just for the top 10 sci fi monsters.

TIPPINST - The ANCS has found a new home page and now contains information on the upcoming programme of events. The conference will take place in Princeton University from Oct 26 - 28th 2005. This conference has evolved from the HPCA Network Processor Conferences

The following is taken from their web site

NCS is new research conference that focuses on the design of the hardware and software components used to create modern communication networks. The combination of increasing network line speeds and expanding functional requirements pose continuing and growing challenges for system designers. New technology elements, including network processors, content addressable memories, configurable logic and special-purpose components offer new opportunities for meeting these challenges, but also raise a variety of new issues. ANCS focuses on architectures for networking and communication in the broad sense, including novel architectures, architectural support for advanced communication, algorithms and protocols for advanced architectures, software and applications for next-generation networking architectures, and methodology and benchmarking for evaluating advanced communication architectures.

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