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TIPPINST - The latest volume of Computer Communications contains some very interesting articles on QoS. QoS was the topic I researched for my Masters and it is as topical today as it was back then.

The holy grail of QoS is an end to end solution. Having all backbone routers participate in QoS is often where the challenge lies. As part of my resarch we were involved in the EU IST project HARMONICS. QoS was a major component of this project.

Articles in this current issue include

2. On current areas of interests in end-to-end QoS
Pages 1985-1986
H. Lutfiyya and H. Hassanein

3. OPQR-G: algorithm for efficient QoS partition and routing in multiservice IP networks
Pages 1987-1996
Irena Atov, Hieu T. Tran and Richard J. Harris

4. Scalable quality of service across multiple domains
Pages 1997-2008
Jorge A. Cobb

5. Assured end-to-end QoS through adaptive marking in multi-domain differentiated services networks
Pages 2009-2019
Chen-Khong Tham and Yong Liu

6.A measurement-based approach for dynamic QoS adaptation in DiffServ networks
Pages 2020-2033
Toufik Ahmed, Raouf Boutaba and Ahmed Mehaoua

7.An end-to-end QoS framework with on-demand bandwidth reconfiguration
Pages 2034-2046
Mei Yang, Yan Huang, Jaime Kim, Meejeong Lee, Tatsuya Suda and Matsubara Daisuke

8. Availability of end-to-end ideal QoS in IP packet networks
Pages 2047-2057
Sean S.B. Moore and Curtis A. Siller, Jr.

9. Marking algorithms for service differentiation of TCP traffic
Pages 2058-2069
Nicolas Christin and Jörg Liebeherr

10. Capacity requirements of traffic handling schemes in multi-service networks
Pages 2070-2081
Towela P.R. Nyirenda-Jere, Victor S. Frost and Nail Akar

11. Short-circuiting the congestion signaling path for AQM algorithms using reverse flow matching
Pages 2082-2093
Mart Molle and Zhong Xu

12. FIAC: a resource discovery-based two-level admission control for differentiated service networks
Pages 2094-2104
Ming Li and Doan B. Hoang

13. Toward end-to-end fairness: a framework for the allocation of multiple prioritized resources in switches and routers
Pages 2105-2118
Yunkai Zhou and Harish Sethu

14. End-to-end support for statistical quality of service in heterogeneous mobile ad hoc networks
Pages 2119-2132
Jamal N. Al-Karaki and Ahmed E. Kamal

15. Enhancing aggregate QoS for video streaming
Pages 2133-2145
Chung-wei Lee, Randy Chow and Jonathan C.L. Liu

16. Usage based service differentiation for end-to-end quality of service management
Pages 2146-2159
Michael J. Katchabaw, Hanan L. Lutfiyya and Michael A. Bauer

New site for POOSL

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TIPPINST - Bart Theelen from the University of Eindhoven has been in touch to inform me that they have a new website for POOSL. www.es.ele.tue.nl/poosl

The new site intends to give a more complete overview of the POOSL language and the design methodology in which context POOSL has been developed.

Although this new website is still somewhat under construction, it includes (nearly) all information of the old website(s)

Most interesting is probably that the new website collects all publications that their group has produced on POOSL and related topics.

He also informed me that the recent FDL and DSD tutorials were a resounding success. Its great to see that there is a growing interest in this powerful but userfriendly modelling tool.

We are using POOSL to model and explore design issues regarding complex layer 3 routing devices.

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