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Rip Off Republic - Coffee Culture

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TIPPINST - Paid a visit to a new Cafe in clonmel. Was charged 5.70 for the following

1 espresso 1.95
2 slices of brown bread and marmalade 1.75
1 large sausuage roll 2.00
Total 5.70

A realistic price for the above in my opinion would be the following

1 espresso 1.55
2 slices of brown bread and marmalade 1.25
1 large sausuage roll 1.20
Total 4.00

A saving of 1.70, I might have even had a second espresso.
But these rip off prices are an immediate turn off and will stop me going back for a second experience. I know there are rates etc to consider but the profit margins on coffee are already pretty good. It only costs 5 euro for 1/2 1b bag of italian espresso beans.

There is no systemic issue with Xbox 360


TIPPINST - Thats the official line from Microsoft. They go on to say that " Each incident is unique and these customer enquiries are being handled on a case-by-case basis."

However users have discovered that the new Xbox 360 that launched last week in the USA may have PSU overheating problems.

For more information follow this link

How to remove the excel macro warning message

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TIPPINST - An annoying feature of excel is the macro warning message that can pop up even when the macros have been removed. If a user accidently brings up the visual basic editor this can also result in a macro warning message appearing the next time even there are no macros.

A solution to this is to save the excel file to a lower format such as 95 - 97 open this new file and save it back to the original format

Time to retune your satellite receiver

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TIPPINST - ITV launched their channels yesterday onto satellite Free to Air. This means that if you have an aldi/lidl dish you can tune in ITV 1,2,3 and 4. ITV 4 is currently being hosted on the Men and Motors channel until Nov 7th due to some technical hitches.

Aligning your lidl satellite dish

TIPPINST - I was delighted to see that my colleague Istvan Matyasovszki's paper on "A dynamic signaling mechanism based on symbiotic packet processing" is featured in the Dec edition of Computer Communications

Full TOC are below:

Computer Communications
Volume 29, Issue 1, Pages 1-148 (1 December 2005)

1. IFC Editorial Board - top half
Page CO2

2. Stochastic processes for computer network traffic modeling
Pages 1-23
Ian W.C. Lee and Abraham O. Fapojuwo

3. Connectivity of Waxman topology models
Pages 24-31
M. Naldi

4. An approach for seamless handoff among mobile WLAN/GPRS integrated networks
Pages 32-41
Rong-Hong Jan and Wen-Yueh Chiu

5. An integrated scheduling and buffer management scheme for input queued switches with finite buffer space
Pages 42-51
Anuj Kumar and Rabi N. Mahapatra

6. Adaptive packet marking for achieving fairness in DiffServ networks
Pages 52-58
Vasilios A. Siris and Harris M. Marinakis

7. Improving signaling recovery in shared mesh optical networks
Pages 59-68
Chadi Assi, Wei Huo, Abdallah Shami and Nasir Ghani

8. Anatomy of delay performance for the strict priority scheduling scheme in multi-service Internet
Pages 69-76
Hoon Lee

9. A dynamic signaling mechanism based on symbiotic packet processing
Pages 77-92
Istvan Matyasovszki, Colin Flanagan and John Nelson

10. On the construction of energy-efficient maximum residual battery capacity broadcast trees in static ad hoc wireless networks
Pages 93-102
Chor Ping Low and Lai Woen Goh

11. Improvement of LRU cache for the detection and control of long-lived high bandwidth flows
Pages 103-113
Lichang Che, Bin Qiu and Hong Ren Wu

12. A consolidation algorithm for multicast service using proportional control and neural network predictive techniques
Pages 114-122
Liansheng Tan, Naixue Xiong and Yan Yang, Peng Yang

13. A reliable on-demand routing protocol for mobile ad hoc networks with mobility prediction
Pages 123-135
Nen-Chung Wang and Shou-Wen Chang

14. Ad hoc quality of service multicast routing
Pages 136-148
Kaan Bür and Cem Ersoy

15. OBC - Content

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