Rip Off Republic – Coffee Culture

TIPPINST – Paid a visit to a new Cafe in clonmel. Was charged 5.70 for the following
1 espresso 1.95
2 slices of brown bread and marmalade 1.75
1 large sausuage roll 2.00
Total 5.70
A realistic price for the above in my opinion would be the following
1 espresso 1.55
2 slices of brown bread and marmalade 1.25
1 large sausuage roll 1.20
Total 4.00
A saving of 1.70, I might have even had a second espresso.
But these rip off prices are an immediate turn off and will stop me going back for a second experience. I know there are rates etc to consider but the profit margins on coffee are already pretty good. It only costs 5 euro for 1/2 1b bag of italian espresso beans.

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