Network processors being utilised in VOIP

TIPPINST – Its a sign of the times that Network Processors are playing a central role in the delivery of VOIP. This market segment has huge potential for NP manufacturers. One of the first manufacturers of the block is AMCC. AMCC’s nP7250 network processors and nPX5710 and nPX5720/25 traffic managers are being utilized in Acme Packet’s Net-Net(R) SR (session router) and Net-Net(R) SD (session director) devices.
AMCC’s nP7250 offers Layer 2, 3, 4, and above packet and cell processing at wire speed for multi-service cell/packet switching and routing systems in both clear channel (OC-48c) and multi-channel (OC-48, 4xOC-12, 2xGE, 16xOC-3) modes. The nP7250 combines gluelessly with AMCC’s traffic manager, switch fabric, framer, MAC, and search coprocessor products.
The two-chip nPX5700 platform is comprised of the 10-Gbps nPX5710 Traffic Manager and nPX5720/25 Data Manager. The nPX5710 is responsible for admission control, scheduling and queuing functions while the nPX5720/25 manages cell payload memory. Each nPX5710 provides one half of a 10-Gbps full-duplex, fully programmable packet or cell processing solution.
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