Survey of the Common frog in Tipperary

TIPPINST – Now for something completely different. A colleague of mine is involved in carrying out a survey of the common frog in Tipperary.
Tipperary Biological Records Centre is undertaking a major survey of the Common Frog (Rana temporaria) in County Tipperary.
What are they looking for? If you see any Frogs (dead or alive), Frog spawn or Tadpoles please let them know where and when you saw them.
The aim is – to gather information on the distribution of the common frog in Tipperary and to determine which types of habitats are important for breeding and survival.
What will happen the information? Your sighting will be recorded on the Tipperary Biodiversity Data Base. At the moment they have over 3,000 national records with only 75 from Co. Tipperary.
They plan to publish a map of frog distribution in Co. Tipperary. If you send information to them you will be credited in the publication.
You can fill outr own survey card, available from and return it to the address below.
Tipperary Biological Records Centre,
Rural Development,
Department Tipperary Institute,
County Tipperary.
or email : mmaunsel at
so HOP to it!

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