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Upperchurch - Drombane Golf Society Schedule 06

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Upperchurch - Its that time of year when we dust down our golf clubs and start practicing for the new season.
The new tour diary is as follows:

Sat 1st April - Templemore GC - tee - 10.00 - 11.30

Sat 3rd June - East Clare / Bodyke GC - tee - 11.00 - 12.00

Sat 5th August - Tipperary Town GC - tee - 10.00 - 11.30

Sat 16th Sept - Ballykisteen GC - tee 12.28 - 1.40 (Captains prize)

Sat 28th Oct - Nenagh GC - tee - 10.30 to 11.30 (Presidents prize)

We encourage as many as possible to join the society - new members/ beginners welcome.

Lenovo to sponsor Robocode 06

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TIPPINST - We are delighted to announce that Lenovo will be the key sponsor for Robocode 06. The winning team's college will walk away with a Lenovo laptop and projector on Thu March 23rd. Bernie Goldbach and the crew will be podcasting the event as well as blogging it.

Lenovo's accquired IBM's Personal Computing Division in May 2005. Lenovo is a leader in the global PC market, with approximately $13 billion in annual revenue, and products serving enterprises and consumers the world over.

TIPPINST - Those extemely helpful people at have created a page that lists all their articles on Mutlicore.
The articles are extensive and well written and include the following.

Putting Multicore Processing in Context Part 2
*Virtual system prototypes ease embedded multicore design
*Simulating and debugging multicore behavior
*Applying distributed system concepts to embedded multiprocessor designs: Part 2
*Applying distributed system concepts to embedded multiprocessor designs: Part 1
*Dealing with the design challenges of multicore embedded systems
* Using dual port interconnect to resolve multiprocessor system bottlenecks
*Putting multicore processing in context: Part One
*Using software synthesis for multiprocessor OS and software development
* Developing DSP code on converged hybrid DSP/RISC cores
*How to make your asymmetric multiprocessor design OS and CPU independent
*How to adapt traditional RTOSes to symmetric multiprocessing
* Picking the right RTOS for a hybrid RISC/DSP core
*Thread versus task management in a dual mode DSP/RISC RTOS *environment
* Simplify your multiprocessor-based network design with multicore FPGAs
* What Amdahl's Law can tell us about multicores and multiprocessing
*Using an asymmetric multiprocessor model to build hybrid multicore designs
*Using system services for real time embedded multimedia applications
*Choosing the right multiprocessor development tools
* Use virtual prototypes to model multiprocessor system power needs
* Designing supersystems-on-chip(SSoC)
* Extreme partitioning
*Multiprocessor design for SoCs
*Getting the most from multiprocessor SoC design

A podcast version of the above would be highly desirable.

TIPPINST - If you are doing research in the area of QoS, wireless. e-business or cryptography, you may want to consider this conference. A 2nd call for papers has been issued. IEEE are the co-sponsors as well as the publishers of the proceedings.

ICETE 2006
7-10 August 2006
Setúbal, Portugal

Organized by INSTICC (
technically co-sponsored by IEEE (

ICETE 2006 is a major international joint conference in the area of Telecommunications, composed of four specialized conferences:

- ICE-B - Int'l Conference on e-business
Program Chair:
Tom Greene (MIT/USA)

- SECRYPT - Int'l Conference on Security and Cryptography
Program chairs:
Manu Malek (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
Eduardo Fernández-Medina (UCLM, Spain)
Javier Hernando (Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain)

- WINSYS - Int'l Conf on Wireless Information Networks and Systems
Program chairs:
Luminita Vasiu (Westminster University, Reading, UK)
Rafael Caldeirinha (ESTG I.P.Leiria)
Doug Clarke (IBM)

- SIGMAP - Int'l Conf on Signal Processing and Multimedia Applications
Program chairs:
Pedro Assunção (ESTG I.P.Leiria, Portugal)
Sérgio Faria (ESTG I.P.Leiria, Portugal)
All accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings under an ISBN (Book and CD-ROM).
The best papers of the conference will be published by Springer in a special book of selected papers. The conference is making agreements with international

journals in the area to have extended versions of some papers published in journal.
- Thomas Greene, MIT, USA (ICE-B 2006)
- David A. Marca, University of Phoenix, USA (ICE-B 2006)
- Manu Malek, Stevens Institute of Technology, USA (SECRYPT 2006)
- Les Barclay, Barclay Associates Ltd, U.K (WINSYS 2006)
- Fernando Pereira, Instituto Superior Técnico - Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal (SIGMAP 2006)
- Anisse Taleb, Ericsson AB, Sweden (SIGMAP 2006)
Full Paper submission deadline: April 3, 2006
Author Notification: May 24, 2006
Final Paper Submission and Registration: June 8, 2006
INSTICC Address:
Institute for Systems and Technologies of
Information, Control and Communication
Office: Av. D.Manuel I, 27A 2º esq.
2910-595 Setúbal - Portugal
Tel.: +351 265 520 184/5
Fax : +351 265 520 186

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