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Eircom customer charter does not cover ISDN

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TIPPINST - Our ISDN line at home had a fault that took 8 days to fix. The fault was only assigned to the engineer on the morning of the 8th day. IF our line had been PSTN we would have been entitled to a refund of 2 months line rental worth 39.00 Euro plus vat. Because we give Eircom more money so we can enjoy ISDN for Internet use we are entitled to nothing. We are currently in negotiation talks as to what we are entitled to. Any suggestions or tips to lnoonan_blog at yahoo.ie

Gaggia Coffee Grinder

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TIPPINST - If you are in pursuit of the ultimate coffee grinder that offers 39 different settings, then you might want to consider the gaggia 74516 black 39 settings MDF coffee grinder. I currently use a coffee grinder that has two settings i.e on/off in order to grind espresso you have to a clock with a second hand near by so you can count the seconds.

TIPPINST - From coffee and email conversations with friends and colleagues in the IT sector there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that in the past 6 - 12 months the demand for experienced IT professionals has reached levels seen in the era of 1998 - 2000. Companies such as Google, IBM and Ericsson have been consistently advertising for the past few months for software, network and system engineers.

With the boom economy that Ireland is experiencing students seem to gravitate towards arts/humanities oriented courses with the confidence that they can decide on a career path in 3 - 4 years time. This procrastination and avoidance of courses that are traditionally viewed as "more challenging" such as IT and engineering is resulting in an IT skills vacuum that will have to be filled. For the students who have chosen IT or engineering, and are willing to make an effort and engage in these courses, they can look forward to a more positive future than would have been imagined four years ago.

Megahertz Myth

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For a simple but detailed instruction as to how a CPU operates and what its dependencies are check out the following Megahertz Myth presentation on youtube.com

Steve Jobs and John Rubinstein at a presentation for Macworld in 2004 about why CPU speed is not the only consideration when determining how fast a computer really is. A 867 Mhz PowerMac goes head to head with a Pentium 4 - 1.86 Ghz machine.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is coming to Dublin on 11 May 2006 to host an Open House that is open to all Bluetooth SIG members, colleagues, associates, customers, media, and anyone else interested in learning more about Bluetooth technology and the Bluetooth SIG.

The Bluetooth SIG hosts Open Houses open to all members of the Bluetooth SIG and potential members throughout the world. As a member based organization, the Bluetooth SIG is responsible for keeping their members educated and involved with Bluetooth wireless technology development as well as recruiting new qualified members.

These receptions will serve as a way to educate members on Bluetooth technology, introduce the Bluetooth SIG staff and introduce non-members to opportunities available to Bluetooth SIG members. Open house receptions will also bring member and non-member companies together for networking and an open dialogue of Bluetooth technology and wireless opportunities. For general information about Bluetooth SIG Open Houses, please contact Member Relations. Please see below for the dates and locations for the 2006 Open Houses:

Open House Details

Paint on lasers to alleviate bottlenecks

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TIPPINST - Identifying bottlenecks in microprocessor architecture is forming a cornerstone of my PhD research. Alleviaiting bottlenecks and overcoming the limitations of silicon is a challenge that is facing the industry. The Register reports on work carried out by the University of Toronto that addresses this issue.

The Toronto team are the first to make a colloidal quantum dot laser produce invisible infrared light. This is the wavelength used to carry information in fibre optics. Main author of the report Sjoerd Hoogland told Science Blog: "We made our particles just the right size to generate laser light at exactly this wavelength." Their research was recently published in the journal Optics Express,

Integrating current bulky laser technology onto chips would be impossible, but the paint-on nanocrystal lasers could be powered by the electronics already on microchips, massively speeding up the links between microprocessor units.

It was a breeze to manufacture too. Hoogland said: "I made the laser by dipping a miniature glass tube in the paint and then drying it with a hairdryer."

satellite broadband provider goes into liquidation

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According to the Sunday Tribune (www.tribune.ie) (16/04/06) Ildana will be holding a creditors meeting on the 24 April as they have gone into liquidation. Ildana were in talks to be accquired by pure telecom back in the early part of 2006. 200 customers across the country are now being left in limbo for the time being.

Details of the legal notice can be found here

spell checking latex documents

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TIPPINST - One of the down sides of using texmaker is that it does not have integrated spelling. There are a number of latex spell checkers for windows includling aspell etc. Having tried out a few I am sticking with microspell, as well as providing a spelling function it also handles synonyms and definitions. This is a useful feature as the application can check your words against wikipedia etc. The application handles latex,rtf and ascii files as well as various dictionaries. Recommended.

.eu registration rush

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TIPPINST - As of 11.00 a.m. CET you can register .eu domain names. The prices really do vary between, 12 and 65 euros per year. www.godaddy.com seem to be offering the best value.

ANCS 06 - Call for papers - Dec 3rd - 5th San Jose



2nd Symposium on Architectures for
Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS 2006)


December 3-5, 2006
San Jose, California, USA

Sponsored by (pending official renewal):
ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Architecture (SIGARCH)
ACM Special Interest Group on Communications (SIGCOMM)
IEEE Computer Society Tech. Committee on Computer Architecture
IEEE Communications Society Tech. Committee on Computer Communications

ANCS is a research conference that focuses on the design of the
hardware and software components used to create modern communication
networks. The combination of increasing network line speeds and
expanding functional requirements pose continuing and growing
challenges for system designers. New technology elements, including
network processors, content addressable memories, configurable logic
and special-purpose components offer new opportunities for meeting
these challenges, but also raise a variety of new issues. ANCS focuses
on architectures for networking and communication in the broad sense,
including novel architectures, architectural support for advanced
communication, algorithms and protocols for advanced architectures,
software and applications for next-generation networking
architectures, and methodology and benchmarking for evaluating
advanced communication architectures.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:
* Network/communications processors
* Intelligent co-processors
* Router architectures
* Switch fabrics/interconnection networks
* Link scheduling, processor/thread scheduling, switch scheduling
* Network adaptors
* Application-specific networks (e.g. SAN)
* Programmable /extensible networks
* Secure communication
* Traffic management
* Packet classification
* Content inspection and filtering
* Energy-efficient designs

We particularly encourage submissions containing highly original
ideas. Submissions will be judged on originality, significance,
interest, clarity, and correctness.

The PAPER DEADLINE for submissions is July 17, 2006 at 11:59PM PST
double-blind reviewing, so submitted papers should not include the
authors' names.

Paper registration and submission must be done electronically through
EDAS (edas.info). Registration, including the abstract, must be
completed no later than July 10, 2006 at 11:59PM PDT (US). All papers
must be submitted in PDF format for letter-size paper. Submissions
must be viewable by Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or higher) and
should not exceed 7,000 words or 10 pages of conference paper format
using 10 pt fonts. Submissions exceeding the required limit will not
be reviewed by the program committee. Camera-ready versions of the
accepted papers will be required to use the ACM SIG format

Like other conferences, ANCS requires that papers not be submitted
simultaneously to any other conferences or publications, that
submissions not be previously published, and that accepted papers not
be subsequently published elsewhere.

All submissions will be acknowledged by September 22, 2006. If your
submission is not acknowledged by this date, please contact the
program chairs promptly at ancsTPC@arl.wustl.edu.


Paper registration and abstract: July 10, 2006
Submission deadline: July 17, 2006
Author notification: September 22, 2006
Final camera-ready copy: October 15, 2006


General Chair
Laxmi Bhuyan, UC-Riverside

Program Co-Chairs
Michel Dubois, University of Southern California
Will Eatherton, Cisco Systems

Program Committee
Gregory Byrd, North Carolina State University
Patrick Crowley, Washington University in St. Louis
Chita Das, Pennsylvania State University
Jose Duato, Technical University of Valencia
Hans Eberle, Sun Microsystems
Manolis Katevenis, University of Crete
T. V. Lakshman, Lucent Technologies
Dan Lenoski, Nuova Impresa
Robert Olsen, Cisco Systems
Vijay Pai, Purdue University
Dhabaleswar Panda, Ohio State University
Scott Rixner, Rice University
Umar Saif, MIT
Tim Sherwood, UC Santa Barbara
Dimitrious Stiliadis, Bell Labs
Chuck Thacker, Microsoft
Jon Turner, Washington University in St. Louis
George Varghese, UCSD
Srnivasan Venkatachary, Netlogic
Harrick Vin, UT Austin
Bapi Vinnakota, Intel
Tilman Wolf, UM Amherst

Steering Committee
Alan Berenbaum, Consultant
Patrick Crowley, Washington Univ. at St. Louis
Mark Franklin, Washington Univ. at St. Louis
Haldun Hadimioglu, Polytechnic Univ.
Nick McKeown, Stanford Univ.
Peter Z. Onufryk, IDT K. K. Ramakrishnan, AT&T Labs

Robocode featured on technolotics

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Tippinst - The dust is finally settling after robocode 06, being involved in running the event mean't that I got to see very little of it. The guys at technolotics however were down for the day recording their vidcast episode. For a slightly irrevent look at Thurles and some excellent interviews. Well worth a watch.

Technolotics 30 the trip to tipp

Tippinst - ANCS which used to be the Network Processor workshop in HPCA has jsut announced its dates for its second conference. It will take place in San Jose from December 3rd to 5th 2006. The call for papers will be announced soon.

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