Call for papers – China Ireland Int’l conference on ICT

TIPPINST – This first CIICT conference is being jointly sponsored and organized by Hangzhou Dianzi University and Dublin City University, and will be held in Hangzhou Dianzi University in the autumn of 2006. It is hoped that the conference will include participation from a number of Irish and Chinese universities, and from researchers in other countries. Authors are invited to submit papers describing original research in the areas of Information and Communication Technologies.
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China and Ireland are currently in the process of developing collaboration, including leading-edge research ties in the Information and Communications Technology area. Links have already been forged at governmental level under the auspices of the China / Ireland Science and Technology Research Fund, an agreement on Scientific and Technological Co-operation between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of Ireland signed on the 8th September 2000. The purpose of this is to contribute to future co-operation in the field of science and technology between both countries. The interest of both governments is in furthering the development of their respective information and communications technology industries, and in supporting the expansion of domestic and international applications markets for their products, services and technologies.
There is already an established academic collaboration between China and Ireland, through joint research projects and reciprocal participation at international conferences. CIICT06 will focus on encouraging further growth in academic collaboration between researchers in China and Ireland in the broad area of Information and Communications Technology, thus facilitating exchange of ideas and dissemination of results of collaborative work.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to,
* Signal Processing – Voice and Audio Processing, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Multimedia Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Array Processing, etc.
* Human Intelligence – Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Computer Hearing and Speech Recognition, Motion Capture and Intelligent Traffic Systems, Virtual Reality, etc.
* Communications – Wireless Communications Components/Circuits/Systems/ Networks, Fiber-optic Communications Components/Systems/Networks, etc.
* Circuits and Systems – Linear and Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, Intelligent Measuring and Controlling Instruments and Systems, Vehicle Electronics, etc.
* I.C. Design & EDA – I.C. Designs, RF I.C.s, Device Modeling & Simulation, SOC, EDA Technology, etc.
* Microwave & EMC – Microwave Circuit & Components, EMC/EMI Simulations and Measurements, EM Environment, Shielding and Grounding, High Power Microwave Applications, Advanced Materials and Devices for EM Applications, EM Simulators, EM Probe and Sensors, Coupling and Crosstalk, etc.
* Optics and Optoelectronics – Remote Sensing and IR Devices and Systems, Optical Devices and Instruments, Optical Information Processing, etc.
* Control Systems – Control Systems Theory, Control Systems Applications, etc.
* Modelling & Scientific Computing – Bioinformatics, Therapeutic Models, Computational Physics, Financial Models, Computer Based Auditing, etc.
* Security & Encryption – Public Key Infrastructure, Identity Based Encryption, Encryption Acceleration, Web Services Security, XML Security, etc.
* Software Engineering – Requirements Elicitation, Software Processes, Project Management, Professional Issues, Metrics, Formal Methods, Real-Time Systems, Tools, Open Source, etc.
* Natural Language Processing – Machine Translation, Computational Models of Semantics, Treebanks, Formal Syntax, Probabilistic Approaches, etc.
* Information Systems – Digital Multimedia, Database Engineering & Interoperable Systems, Data Mining, Information Quality, Networked Applications, etc.
Submissions: 6th June 2006
Notification of Acceptance: 10th July 2006
Camera Ready: 8th August 2006
Conference: 18th-19th October 2006
Sponsored by:
IEEE MTT Beijing Section
IEEE CAS Shanghai Chapter
Co-Sponsored by:
CIE Circuits and System Society
CIE Microwave Society
Zhejiang Institute of Electronics
RINCE, Ireland
Organized by:
Hangzhou Dianzi University
Dublin City University
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