Complacent Irish Blogosphere – Unofficial Irish rail strike

I am surprised by the lack of discussion/venting of anger with regards to the unofficial rail strike amongst the irish blogging community. May be the majority of them reside in the city/town where they work or they don’t have to use this service. Well here in Thurles about 145 people every morning are having to figure out how on earth they are going to get to work on time. Thurles has been marketed as a town that on an express run is only 80 mins from Heuston by rail, the alternative is 150 – 200 mins if the roads are not congested. Meanwhile our minister for Transport Martin Cullen is sitting quietly in his office saying nothing (possibly waiting for a committee or a consultants report to tell him what he should say)
Are we supposed to let 2 drivers in Cork make life a misery for people who rely on this service to get to work? People are trying to enjoy a better of quality of life by choosing to live outside major cities. Some people who commute to Dublin are having to make accommodation arrangements to stay in Dublin instead of travelling home to be with their family.
So where’s the outrage ?
Have we just become complacent?

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