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Removing feedburner from Movable type

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In order to isolate and debug a problem we were having with a phantom feedburner link it was necessary to remove it completely from this site. Apart from editing the index.html redirects for the xml and rdf files there is one other file that you have to watch out for.

Depending on the feedburner plug in that you use it may be necessary to remove a .htaccess file from the template listing. This file redirects all atom.xml and index.rdf requests to feedburner. Once the file has been removed from the template listing it is also necessary to telnet on to your web site and physically delete the .htacess file Note:. Make sure you are removing the relevant .htaccess file

Rain watching geek style

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TIPPINST - Met Eireaan have launched a rain radar page. If you are wondering if its going to rain or where its raining in Ireland. Then their updated map will inform you. Very handy for golfers who may be worrying about thundery down pours.

Bottling the essence of the Clonmel Junction Festival


Not sure if this is possible, but my colleague Bernie Goldbach does an excellent job of capturing the essence of the festival with his series of podcasts on podcasting.ie. With contributions as well from Mike Kiely and Gerry Flynn. I will be pencilling the festival in to my diary next year.

Free word counting sw for Latex Documents

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TIPPINST - If you are writing papers for conferences you need to be mindful of word count limits. This can be tricky.
Max Lekeux has written a java based app that counts the number of words in your latex file. Remember to also take into account your bib file !

Latex Word Count

The Ten commandments of mobile phone etiquette

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TIPPINST - The world would be a better place if we lived by these rules proposed by Dan Briody

Ten Commandments

Comag service centre in Ireland

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TIPPINST - My lidl satellite receiver a comag sl 55 is giving me some problems. I rang Comag in germany and they informed me that they have a service centre in Ireland. They are Zintek systems who are located in Dublin. They can be contacted at 01 4008353.

If you send them the comag unit they will repair it but you must pay for all postage/courier costs.

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