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Ryder Cup 2006 - Cool Tech Sighting

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The cool tech award for the Ryder cup 2006 has to be awarded to the event photography. The event photographers were mingling with the supporters in the Ryder cup bar in the tented village. Their process for taking and distributing photos was simple but elegant.

Before taking a photo of a group of people they would scan a card that had a barcode on it and give it to Joe Public. They would then take a photo of Joe Public, the image was transferred via wi-fi to a printing station in the tented village. All Joe Public had to do was present the card at the printing station and receive their free photo.

The Ryder cup 2006 - A spectator's impression

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Attended the Ryder cup on Friday and was really impressed with the logistics and organisation of the event. I arrived at punchestown at 8.15 a.m. and was standing on the 12th green at 9.20 a.m. Staff, busses, assistants etc were in abundance. The Irish organisers are to be congratulated for their professionalism. The park and ride was a revelation and I believe the organiser of big games in Croke Park and Landsdown etc should take a long hard look at it.

On the course there were plenty of video screens and the nature of the K club meant that it was possible to have good vantage points on the many stands and sloping hills. Several times we found ourselves standing less than 20 feet from Tiger Woods, Paul Casey etc as they tried to escape the clutches of the heavy wet rough.

As for the atmosphere, it was special, electric and passionate. An event that will evoke fond memories that will last a life time.

FDL 06

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I am in sunny Darmstadt attending FDL 06. Looking forward to some interesting presentations and discussions on how modelling languages can assist in the design of system on chip products.

Dell's Warranty Cash Cow

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An article in the Sunday Tribune points out that 20 - 30 % of Dell's revenue originates from extended warranties and service contracts. This goes some way to explaining why they advertise a laptop/desktop with a 90 day collect and return policy so as to have a low price, yet when you buy online they seem to automatically change this to a 3 year warranty (this has been my experience).

A 3 year policy for a laptop that you lug around a lot makes sense, it does not make sense for a desktop that sits in a corner however. So the next time you shop online pay attention to what is suggested by the supplier.

Travelled up by train from Thurles to Dublin on the 10.51 morning train. Due to the torrential rain I took shelter in the decrepit waiting room with 7 chairs and a very large desk. Decor hadn't changed since 1978. Train was 54 mins late. Could not buy a paper as the station shop is closed.

Reserved a seat via the web but the seat hadn't been reserved on the train, luckily found a seat. New trains are nice, staff on new trains get the thumbs up.

How Irish rail handles their customers at rural stations and their appalling lack of facilities gets a thumbs down.

Robocode 2007

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TIPPINST - Robocode 2007 will take place on Thu March 22nd in Tipperary Institute Thurles. Lenovo who were last years main sponsors have kindly agreed to be the main sponsor for this event. The competition is open to first year students in third level colleges. For more information see

The Tipperary star and tipp fm report today that the local authority who had been in negotiations with St. Patricks College to purchase land for a park were informed at last nights meeting that the land had been sold to a third party (a developer)

The Catholic church for the past week in Holycross has been promoting and sermonising about the need to build a better community and reach out to god and each other.Now it seems that the Catholic Church wants to reach out to the developers and deny the community a town park.

The land is behind the Thurles swimming pool and borders the river suir. This land had been zoned under the town plan as a community space.

Una Healy - Now on Youtube

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Thurles musician Una Healy has a performance of her song "Sorry" available to view on Youtube. Its a good song and can be purchased from

Una's career has been going from strength to strength over the past few years. Upcoming gigs include.

Sep 8 2006 11:00PM City West Hotel Dublin
Sep 9 2006 10:00PM O'Briens, Leeson Street Dublin

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