Thurles land zoned for a park sold by the Catholic Church for development

The Tipperary star and tipp fm report today that the local authority who had been in negotiations with St. Patricks College to purchase land for a park were informed at last nights meeting that the land had been sold to a third party (a developer)
The Catholic church for the past week in Holycross has been promoting and sermonising about the need to build a better community and reach out to god and each other.Now it seems that the Catholic Church wants to reach out to the developers and deny the community a town park.
The land is behind the Thurles swimming pool and borders the river suir. This land had been zoned under the town plan as a community space.


  1. It sounds like the local authority value land for a park lower than devleopers value land for homes.
    Or perhaps the local church is not impressed with the way the local authority maintains the linear park that currently runs along the river downstream of Thurles.

  2. liam noonan says:

    Whats make it more annoying Bernie, is the fact that under the town development plan the land was zoned as a community space not a housing development.
    Nobody seemed to be aware that negotiations had been ongoing with developers.

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