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FDL 07 Barcelona 18 - 20 Sept 2007 - Call for Papers


The Forum on specification and Design Languages will host therir conference in Barcelona from September 18-20, 2007. The conference is organised around several themes, these include:

Property-Driven Design, Verification & Debug
C/C++-Based System Design
Analog, Mixed-Signal, and Heterogeneous System Design
UML-Based System Specification & Design

Format of paper: All papers should be formatted to fit the final
format of A4 double column, min. 2 cm left and right margins, single-
spaced, Times New Roman font of min. 10pt. Short papers should not
exceed 2 pages, regular papers should not exceed 6 pages.

All papers must include a short abstract, all required figures,
tables, and references.

Posters: All papers will be accompanied by posters in A0 or A1 that
will foster individual discussions during several poster sessions.

Blind review: The submitted paper must not mention names and
affiliations of the authors.

Form of submission:
Authors are invited to send all information in electronic format
through a web submission process at: www.ecsi.org/fdl
In case of problems, please send an email to: fdl07@ecsi.org
Accepted electronic format is PDF. Compressed submissions are also
accepted: GNU gzip, Unix Compress, PKZip

According to the IDC the business sector is embracing VOIP at an unprecedented rate. Network world highlight the 10 VOIP companies that you should keep an eye on. These companies specialise in assisting companies to make the transition smoothly and expand VoIP to wireless phones, handhelds, laptops and other devices.

With the nokia n series it is becoming possible to use VOIP. Some of the phones however appear to be hamstringed so that they only work with your VOIP PBX Nokia E50 for example. Other phones such as the Nokia E61 are capable of working with VOIP suppliers such as blueface

It is not surprising to discover that the mobile phone companies are very slow to release these type of phones out of test and onto the Irish market. If the phone resembles a PDA eg. the E61 then it stands a better chance of being released as it seen to operate in a distinct sector when compared to the traditional mobile phone.

The Nokia E60, when it finally comes out of test with the mobile phone companies, will offer VOIP in a traditional handset.

Siliconrepublic have an article outlining the fury by local groups that the group broadband scheme is to be scrapped.. Having being involved with this at a community level and promoted the concept on this site I share their sentiments.

The scheme from the outset was a bureaucratic disaster.

When the scheme was announced in Mar 2005 it was envisaged that companies could start implementing broaband in the summer of 2005 and receive a grant for capital costs in bringing the scheme to rural communities REGARDLESS OF THE POPULATION SIZE.

This was put on hold until Oct 2005, so broadband companies could not make any purchases what so ever before that date. It was also envisages that MAN in various town would allow local broadband groups to connect to the backbone at a reasonable rate. THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

From Jan 06 broadband started to happen in earnest but it only emerged towards the latter end of 2006 that the goal posts had moved. Instead of allocating a grant BY THE NUMBER OF NODES OR WIFI AREAS they grant was based SOLELY ON THE NUMBER OF USERS CONNECTED. This meant that small rural communities were again losing out. There was no incentive to connect a small village or townland that was in a hard to reach area as the cost of repeaters, co-location of equipment etc were not taken into account in the grant.

1 - Govt has to offer low cost access to MANs for schemes

2 - Grant should be on a WI-FI area not on a per user basis and should reflect the difficulty involved in bringing a service to an area.

3 - Frequencies that are capable of non line of sight need to licensed such as 1.2 GHz or at least made available to group broadband schemes.

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