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Upperchurch is a windy location. How windy, well the washing is generally blowing at a 50 degree plus angle and since I insulated under the rafters the house is a lot warmer as excessive heat loss due to strong winds have been reduced. The key question still remains as to the exact nature of the wind. If this can be determined then one is in a better position to pick an effective and affordable wind turbine.

1 - Speed in meter per second
2- Rate of gusting
3 - Wind Direction.

If the avg wind speed is fairly high and consistent i.e. 6.5 meters plus then a lower capacity wind turbine may be an option. If the wind speed is erratic and less than 6.5 m/s then a higher rated turbine may be the only option as it produces more kilowatt hours at lower wind speeds.

In order to answer these questions an affordable anemometer and wind vane is required that has data logging capabilities. The Weather station Nexus seems to tick all the appropriate boxes. As the sensors are wireless the placement of the anemometer and weather vane at 10 meters is not such a big issue. It can record 3000 pieces of data and can be uploaded to a pc via a usb port. At a cost of 224 Euros including shipping it is the most affordable and is available from Other features include

IWSOS 2007 Call for Papers 11 - 13 Sept 2007 England


IWSOS 2007 Call for Papers

New Trends in Network Architectures and Services: 2nd International
Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems (IWSOS 2007)

The IWSOS 2007 workshop will be held on 11-13 September in the English
Lake District, organized by the Computing Department at Lancaster
University (

Workshop URL


Sponsorship of IWSOS 2007 is kindly provided by the following partners:

ACM - - (Pending)
CONTENT - (Pending)
EuroNGI -
IEEE - - (Pending)

ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Networked Systems for Developing Regions
(NSDR 2007 with ACM SIGCOMM 2007)
Kyoto Japan, Monday 27th August, 2007.


The ACM SIGCOMM Workshop on Networked Systems for Developing Regions
(NSDR) will provide a venue for researchers to propose and discuss ideas
and to participate in the sustainable development and deployment of
Internet and communication technologies for developing countries.

Benefits of the Internet and communication technologies are limited to a
fraction of the world's population e.g. according to a 2006 survey Internet
penetration in North America is 69.1% of population compared to 3.6% for
Africa and 10.8% for Asia. Cost factors, low literacy, and limited access
to power and bandwidth in developing regions seem to suggest that there is
a need for communication technology research specifically aimed to meet the
special needs of developing regions.

The great and diverse needs of developing regions (e.g. economic problems,
social issues) call for a multi-disciplinary research agenda. However, the
focus of NSDR is on communication and networking aspects of developing
regions research (e.g. communication infrastructure in rural areas, systems
build using such infrastructure that solve some specific problem).

EUROMICRO CONFERENCE on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA)


Lubeck, Germany, August 27-31, 2007
Submission of papers: March 23rd, 2007
Notification of acceptance: May 3th, 2007
Camera-ready paper due: June 9th, 2007

Component-based software engineering (CBSE) is a development paradigm
that promises to accelerate software development and to reduce costs by
assembling systems from prefabricated software components. Designing,
developing and maintaining components and component-based applications
for reuse is, however, a very complex process, which places high
requirements not only for the component functional and non-functional
properties, but also for the development organization. CBSE covers many
software engineering disciplines and different techniques. Many of them
have been developed and successfully implemented. CBSE has been
successful in certain engineering domains, such as office applications
and distributed internet-based applications but it is still in the early
stage of utilization in many other domains, in particular those which
have specific requirements on different quality attributes.

Gearing up for Robocode 07 March 22nd


Its March so that means that Robocode is just around the corner. This years event which will take place on the Thurles campus of Tipperary Institute promises to be the biggest yet with the corporate backing of Lenovo. Third level colleges will battle it out to get their hands on a Lenovo laptop, projector, cash and gadgets. Second level schools will also be exhibiting as well as taking part in the jam packed day of events and competitions.

This year the audience competitions will feature around a well known game from 1985 with some serious prizes from creative labs up for grabs.

For more details please visit

IPTV firm to create 100 jobs in Dublin

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100 media jobs are to be created in Dublin to support the launch of internet protocol television (IPTV) service Babelgum. The italian media magnate Silvio Scaglia is behind the firm and they have cited the Scaglia's group had chosen to set up the availability of skilled technical people and the presence of technology giants such as Google.

Babelgum is focusing on encouraging independent producers to supply programming to its new service in order to get around copyright issues.

For more coverage please read the article on

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