An affordable anemometer and wind vane with data logging

Upperchurch is a windy location. How windy, well the washing is generally blowing at a 50 degree plus angle and since I insulated under the rafters the house is a lot warmer as excessive heat loss due to strong winds have been reduced. The key question still remains as to the exact nature of the wind. If this can be determined then one is in a better position to pick an effective and affordable wind turbine.
1 – Speed in meter per second
2- Rate of gusting
3 – Wind Direction.
If the avg wind speed is fairly high and consistent i.e. 6.5 meters plus then a lower capacity wind turbine may be an option. If the wind speed is erratic and less than 6.5 m/s then a higher rated turbine may be the only option as it produces more kilowatt hours at lower wind speeds.
In order to answer these questions an affordable anemometer and wind vane is required that has data logging capabilities. The Weather station Nexus seems to tick all the appropriate boxes. As the sensors are wireless the placement of the anemometer and weather vane at 10 meters is not such a big issue. It can record 3000 pieces of data and can be uploaded to a pc via a usb port. At a cost of 224 Euros including shipping it is the most affordable and is available from Other features include

– In- and outdoor temperature
– In- and outdoor air humidity
– Windspeed and -direction
– Wind-chill temperature
– Dew point temperature
– Rain gauge
– Weather forecast by symbol display
– Barometric pressure
– Moon phase
– Time of sun-rising and -setting
– Radio controlled clock with calender
– Programmable alarms

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  1. Brian McCormack says:

    I am currently a 4th year civil engineering student, studying in NUI Galway.
    I am in the process of completing my Final year project on wind energy in Ireland and i need to source an anemometer for a case study and feasibility study of a particular region.
    I would be very grateful if you could supply me with an anemoter at a reduced cost or even free of charge.
    Regards Brian.

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