EuroMicro Component-Based Software Engineering – Call for Papers

EUROMICRO CONFERENCE on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA)
Lubeck, Germany, August 27-31, 2007
Submission of papers: March 23rd, 2007
Notification of acceptance: May 3th, 2007
Camera-ready paper due: June 9th, 2007
Component-based software engineering (CBSE) is a development paradigm
that promises to accelerate software development and to reduce costs by
assembling systems from prefabricated software components. Designing,
developing and maintaining components and component-based applications
for reuse is, however, a very complex process, which places high
requirements not only for the component functional and non-functional
properties, but also for the development organization. CBSE covers many
software engineering disciplines and different techniques. Many of them
have been developed and successfully implemented. CBSE has been
successful in certain engineering domains, such as office applications
and distributed internet-based applications but it is still in the early
stage of utilization in many other domains, in particular those which
have specific requirements on different quality attributes.

The CBSE track, seventh in a row, has a goal to point out the overall
challenges and problems of the component-based approach, but also show
the new ideas, solutions and practices. The aim of the track is to bring
together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to
improve the theories, technologies, and processes in component-based
software development. We encourage submissions of both theoretical
nature and experience reports from academia and especially from
industry. Suggested areas of interest include, but are not restricted
– Component models and technologies
– Components and Quality Attributes
– Component compositions – static and dynamic compositions, taxonomies
– Components and Service Oriented Architecture
– Middleware solutions for CBSE
– Component-based software architecture
– Components assessments
– COTS components
– Components and Open Source
– Component markets and businesses
– Component design, implementation, testing
– Development environment and tools
– Component development processes
– Case studies and experience reports
– Dependability of component-based systems
– Components and Model-driven Development
– Components for real-time and embedded systems
– CBSE and product-line development, CBSR and variability
– Empirical validation of CBSE ยจ
– CBSE and emerging disciplines (aspect-oriented programming, etc.)
The submissions should be made electronically, either in postscript or
PDF format. To submit papers visit
The accepted paper should follow two column IEEE conference format. To
get format description and templates follow the link:
Papers should not exceed 8 pages (in IEEE/CS proceedings format; 10pt,
single-space, double-column) or 6000 words and include an abstract of up
to 150 words. If accepted, the paper must be personally presented at
the EUROMICRO 2007 Conference by the author or one of the co-authors.
The presenting author(s) must pre-register (full fee) for EUROMICRO
SEAA 2007 before the due date of the Camera-ready paper.

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