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1 million DNS queries per second per CPU product

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3C a UK start up has launched an authoritative DNS server that is capable of handling 1 million DNS queries per second per CPU. The product comes in a 1U case and contains two completely separate servers, which provides up to four gigabit Ethernet ports to handle DNS traffic.

The high rate of performance is capable due to the companies proprietary network stack. This network stack is being marketed as a High Performance Network Stack or HPNS. 3C developed the stack so as to add performance to applications such as VoIP, media streaming and DNS. These receive and transmit large numbers of small packets, which is the worst case for most operating systems, and which require context switches from user-mode to kernel and back again for each packet sent or received. According to 3C, HPNS cuts this overhead to a minimum, allowing much higher performance than conventional network stacks.

Start-up's DNS server boosts VoIP and media streaming

Keyword analysis for

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The keyword analysis for reveals that my articles on lidl satellite dish installation has resulted in bringing the largest percentage of visitors. These articles were written in a simple step by step narrative style and included some photos. Often the article that you do not consider to be important becomes important. The popularity of these articles has resulted in the search engine placement of being the first search result for lidl satellite dish.

A number of our BSc in IT Support students undertook research projects in the area of storage and encryption. Both these areas are merging in a number of different ways.

At EMC World in Orlando Cisco and RSA launched Storage Media Encryption. It runs on a Cisco Storafe Blade and uses RSA’s Key Manager technology to control access and deployment of encrypted systems.

Storage Media Encryption is being touted as an alternative to appliance-based approaches from Decru, NeoScale, Vormetric and CipherMax.

Initially, Storage Media Encryption will be available only for magnetic tapes. Cisco expects to roll it out by the end of the year. A subsequent release will extend it for use with other storage media.

Cisco will also offer an open API to develop key management.

The RSA Key Manager will ease deployment, management and operation of enterprise wide encryption. It is used to generate, store and broker access to cryptographic keys, and manage their life cycle.

Network World

Ivan Yates and Noel Whelans Dail Predictions

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On lunch time radio news today on RTE Radio 1 Ivan Yates (Former Fine Gael minister and now managing director of Celtic Bookmakers) and Noel Whelan (author of the "The Tallyman's Campaign Handbook") were asked to predict the Irish Election 2007. Their predictions are as follows

Ivan Yeats
Noel Whelan
Fianna Fail
Fine Gael
Sinn Fein
Green Party

The figures above means that transfers will have a huge effect on the election outcome.

IPv6 Tabloid Headlines

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I am used to reading tabloid headlines about security and the internet. IPv6 has now become the latest victim to this particular type of sensationalist journalism. The Register reports on a potential flaw in IPv6 which if we are to believe could mean the end of the world.

IPv6 supports an extension header concept called the Type 0 Routing Header (RH0), which allows computers to tell IPv6 routers to send data by a specific route. My 3rd year datacomms students would tell you that this is known as strict source routing it is also supported in IPv4 in the TOS field of the header.

So what's the fuss about? Well during a presentation at the CanSecWest conference on 18 April, researchers Philippe Biondi and Arnaud Ebalard pointed out that RH0 support allows attackers to amplify denial-of-service attacks on IPv6 infrastructure by a factor of at least 80.

"In rough terms, it makes everything we thought was bad, a thousand times worse," Paul Vixie, president of the Internet Systems Consortium, said in an email interview with SecurityFocus. "It can be exploited by any greedy Estonian teenager with a $300 Linux machine."

Now this is bad piece of PR on several fronts, a basic networking property is being hyped and Estonia is being bashed.

Could a greedy capitalistic American Kid attempt this?
Is Paul Vixie stating that only the Estonians have the ability to use IPv6?

Well I have news for you Paul, you better add Irish graduates to your list of potential list of IPv6 network hackers as they know how it functions.

Robocode 2008 - Thu March 13th

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We have barely recovered from Robocode 2007 but we are already planning Robocode 2008. It will take place on Thursday March 13th 2008 in Tipperary Institute. The event will be sponsored by Lenovo.

Mike Regan Wexford Luthier

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Mike Regan who makes beautiful instruments such as Mandolas and guitars now has a website I own a Regan Mandola which has a beautiful sound due to the materials used in its construction. He can be contacted at

Superprogrammers are not code terrorists

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Jack Ganssle has an interesting article on as to what a Superprogrammer is. He is quick to point out that programmers whose skills have been honed over decades of code terrorism, and have transcended any taming attempt by management are not in fact superprogrammers.

A superprogrammer in his book is someone who is very smart, adept with the tools of the trade, and are instinctively good at problem solving and structuring complex systems. Any "attitude" exhibits itself in strong biases about proper development strategies and a commitment to compromise neither elegance nor quality

This myth of the superprogrammer/hacker has been promoted by Hollywood and sometime in third level we see students who think they are superprogrammers when they enter first year. However, they quickly learn that to be a good programmer you need to be methodical and have a formal training in the art of problem solving. Coding flair does help but it requires the other constituents.

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