1 million DNS queries per second per CPU product

3C a UK start up has launched an authoritative DNS server that is capable of handling 1 million DNS queries per second per CPU. The product comes in a 1U case and contains two completely separate servers, which provides up to four gigabit Ethernet ports to handle DNS traffic.
The high rate of performance is capable due to the companies proprietary network stack. This network stack is being marketed as a High Performance Network Stack or HPNS. 3C developed the stack so as to add performance to applications such as VoIP, media streaming and DNS. These receive and transmit large numbers of small packets, which is the worst case for most operating systems, and which require context switches from user-mode to kernel and back again for each packet sent or received. According to 3C, HPNS cuts this overhead to a minimum, allowing much higher performance than conventional network stacks.
Start-up’s DNS server boosts VoIP and media streaming

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