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I am successfully a failure but happy all in all

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Immortal words from the Pale from the chart topping song Butterfly (1992). The band has just released a new album titled "The Contents Of A Shipwreck". The new album has received good reviews.

For all those who remember seeing them live in the early 90s I have linked to their video for Butterfly.


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The Pales's Myspace Page

Arcade Fire Glastonbury 2007

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Congrats to the BBC for their extensive coverage of Glastonbury 2007, as one gets older the attraction of a wet muddy festival wanes. In contrast couch viewing of live performances becomes more acceptable. BBC 3 and BBC 4 provided viewing of several sets including Arcade Fire. Arcade Fire's performance was as usual mesmerising and inspiring.

No Cars Go

Wake Up

Upperchurch Hill Walking Festival 2007

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Some preliminary details of the Upperchurch Hill Walking Festival can be found on Upperchurch.ie
The event will take place from Friday Nov 9th - Sunday Nov 11th 2007.

Broadband arrives to Upperchurch village

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The community association offices in Upperchurch have just been connected to Premier Broadband's wireless service. This may not sound like a news worthy item, but if you are familiar with the geography of Upperchurch it has to be appreciated. This access to broadband will help the association with their day to day activities and the promotion of hillwalking in the area.

If I had the budget I would be booking a flight to Japan to attend the 7th International Forum on Application-Specific Multi-Processor SoC. MPSoC is described as a pluridisciplinary forum bringing together key R&D actors from the different fields required to design heterogeneous multiprocessor SoC (MPSoC). The conference is a week long event that commences on Sunday June 24th - Fri June 29th.

The agenda for the event is packed with talks that range from "Dependability of MPSoC for Applications in Social
Information Infrastructure" to "Formal analysis and optimization of heterogeneous networks in industrial practice - from networked systems to MpSoC"

The fact that our wedding anniversary occurs in the middle of the conference would further complicate the attendance of this interesting forum.

7th International Forum on Application-Specific Multi-Processor SoC 25 - 29 June 2007, Japan

The IEEE has begun work on a series of four security standards for printer, copiers and other hardcopy devices. The four new hardcopy-device standards projects are part of the IEEE 2600™ standards family and address security for these devices and systems in different environments. IEEE 2600 standards define authentication, authorization, privacy, physical and information security, and other security requirements in selecting, installing, configuring and using such devices.

IEEE Standards Press Release

The new projects are:

Local Lotto results now available on Upperchurch.ie

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Due to popular demand the local lotto results are now available on www.upperchurch.ie

Upperchurch.ie gets a structural make over

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I have spent the past few days reorganising www.upperchurch.ie . The site now utilises RSS news articles that are defined by category. This allows the main news page to display all articles while the various organisation display only their relevant articles. RSS allows for active bookmarks which is a powerful feature.

Subcalendars and a master calendar have also being implemented so that the calendar on the home page contains all events while the organisations pages contain only events relevant to their activity.

Hillwalking has been moved to a separate page as it is the most viewed popular aspect of the Upperchurch website.

The website will be expanded during the summer months to encompass a number of new sections and organisations.

Comments etc can be emailed to webmaster@upperchurch.ie

Linksys one - a routing box crammed with features

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Cisco have launched the Linksys one which is targeted at SMEs. This product incoporates VPNs, VOIP

The Cisco blurb waxes lyrically about.

1- Secure access – anytime, anywhere – to voice, video, data and wireless networking in an affordable, complete system that delivers more effective and efficient communications.

2- Dramatic savings around simple things like adds, moves, and changes, in addition to new easy to use technologies and features like security, VPNs between multiple sites and storage that can be deployed when the business is ready.

3- Flexibility to benefit from hosted business applications and partner services that can streamline business processes in marketing, sales, training and support.

The idea behind this product is sound as it offers a small company one product to carry out a variety of tasks.

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