IEEE begins work on security standards for printers and copiers

The IEEE has begun work on a series of four security standards for printer, copiers and other hardcopy devices. The four new hardcopy-device standards projects are part of the IEEE 2600™ standards family and address security for these devices and systems in different environments. IEEE 2600 standards define authentication, authorization, privacy, physical and information security, and other security requirements in selecting, installing, configuring and using such devices.
IEEE Standards Press Release
The new projects are:

IEEE P2600.1™, “Standard for a Protection Profile in Operational Environment A”, concerns hardcopy devices in restrictive commercial information processing environments that need a relatively high level of document security, operational accountability and information assurance. Critical information in such environments includes trade secrets and that subject to legal and regulatory considerations.
IEEE P2600.2™, “Standard for a Protection Profile in Operational Environment B”, concerns hardcopy devices in commercial environments that need moderate document and network security and security assurance for day-to-day proprietary and non-proprietary information concerning enterprise operation.
IEEE P2600.3™, “Standard for a Protection Profile in Operational Environment C”, concerns hardcopy devices in a public-facing environment in which document security is not guaranteed, but access control and usage accounting are important. Such environments include retail copy centers, public libraries and Internet cafés.
IEEE P2600.4™, “Standard for a Protection Profile in Operational Environment D”, concerns hardcopy devices in a small, private information processing environments where most security elements rely on the physical environment, but basic network security is needed to protect a device and its network from misuse from outside of the environment. Such environments include small offices and home offices.

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