Looking forward to Cosac 2007

I will be attending Cosac in Killashee house tomorrow (Tue 25th Sept 2007). My expectations for this event are quiet high as it is costing my employer 909 euros for one days attendance.
I plan to attend the following talks.
0930 – 1015 It’s not about the technology Jim Gamble Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre
10.15 11.50 Anatomy of an Incident: An Interactive Workshop Lawrence D. Dietz Tal Global
1150 – 1300 A Unique Approach to Attack Trace-back Dr. Peter Stephenson Norwich University
14.00 – 15.10 Information Security Metrics is Coming of Age: Will You Be At The Party Gerry O’Neill Inforisca Services Limited
1530 – 1640 Self-Defeating Networks – Using NAC to Hack Aaron Earle AE&E Corporation
1650 – 1800 Strategic Roadmapping & Planning for Security, Risk & Governance – a Refresh Gerry O’Neill Inforisca Services Limited
1810 – 1900 Issues of the Day Hot Topic Forum John O’Leary Computer Security Institute

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