Why Accountants will love Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Bill Gates is predicting that the days of the company PBX are numbered. Integrating software with phone calls and using your corporate broadband connection makes fiscal sense. If there is one thing that is guaranteed to bring about change is the possibility of reducing your costs. If a business can eliminate line rental which is about 25 euros a month for a domestic Irish user and save on international calls then straight away you have their attention.
Microsoft are touting the fact that they can integrate the other kill app i.e. email as well as instant messaging, presence, voice and video. In effect Office Communications Server 2007 is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based server that can route and switch IP-based voice traffic, as well as IM and Web conferencing sessions.
Bill used a good analogy when he compared the PBX to a mainframe. These were all in one devices that lacked flexibility and often tied you in to very expensive support contracts. Like all new technology this one will slowly appear in the comms room and PBX will be phased out.
Microsoft plan to integrate their Customer Relationship Managment software with the OCS platform. This theme of integration is one that is likely to become the marketing call and justification for upgrading to new technology platforms in the future.
Press Release – Bill Gates and Jeff Raikes – Unified Communications Launch

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