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What was being whispered about has now become reality. Intel are dropping the development of future 28XX network processors and have licensed the technology to Netronome a deep packet inspection startup company. My PhD research focussed on the original NP the IXP 1200. This quirky little chip was a great academic research tool as you had to code all aspects of its execution.

The new breed of 28XX NPs have streamlined some of the development issues. I am not really surprised to see that Netronome plan to focus on builidng in layers 4 - 7 packet inspection. Several papers presented each year at NP conferences tended to intersect with this area. I hope the people I know in Intel who worked on these products are reassigned to useful roles as they are great bunch of talented engineers.

Tech World Article
Netronome Press Release

Retirement of my Nokia 6310i

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Yesterday my Nokia 6310i was retired from active service. My requirements have moved on from wanting a phone that had triband and txt messaging with a good battery life to the following:

- Good Battery Life
- Wi-Fi
- 3G
- Access to work calendars
- Newsfeeds
- MP3 player

The 02 coverage where I live is very poor. I have coverage at our kitchen window but none at the Kitchen table. After much research and coffee chats with my colleagues I decided to buy the nokia e65 and switch to the three network.

So far my impressions are good. The phone is a communications swiss army knife and is quiet small. I don't think it would be the best ever unit for writing emails as the screen is quiet small but the battery life seems good.

The 3G network is so so if I get the TI Wi-fi connection working it will make a considerable difference. I need to get my hands on a 2GB sd micro and download a few more useful apps to really exploit its potential.

The phone comes preloaded with Skype, Facebook, Ebay etc 100 Mb of 3G data cost 6 euros per month which is good value.

Skype service is available to Irish 3 billpay customers

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I just had an interesting conversation with Gary in the Carphone warehouse head office in Dublin. He finally shed some light on the availability of Skype for 3 bill pay customers.

Bill pay customers can download a Skype app from the planet 3 service for their phone e.g a Nokia N73. It does require 3G coverage and you will be charged for data traffic. 3 offer 100Mb of data a month for 5.99.

Nov 23rd Update - Having read the install instructions for Skype it appears that a customer has to buy a X-series silver package for 14 euros per month approx to use the Skype service. This doesn't seem to make marketing sense to me and is something I will be taking up with three.

TI have just finished hosting a successful 3 days of seminars which had 2nd level students designing their own console game for the PC and the Xbox 360. As part of science week lectures TI opened their doors to 510 students from 2nd level schools. The response and enthusiasm was over whelming,

Students worked in one of 3 groups to create their own game. The creation of a video game traditionally involved three disciplines: Audio, Graphics and Programming. The students designed their own graphics, recorded their own audio and decided how the characters and game would behave using programming skills.

The results were 5 different version of the classic game Space Invaders (Copyright Taito Corporation) using the Microsoft XNA developer framework.

A science week quiz was also held and hosted by the multi-talented Bernie Goldbach. I will be using feedback from both the quiz and the game design event to assist me in designing the Internet Technologies modules for semester 1 and 2 of our new Bsc Hons in Creative Multimedia

3 Skype phone will be the next gadget that I buy

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As part of my job I analyse and use several gadgets on a daily basis. Science Week Ireland as promoted by Damien Mulley are wondering what gadget I would buy next. This is a tough question as I seldom buy them personally, I am usually more interested in examining them and discussing with my students how these gadgets work, the protocols they use and the platforms that they are built on.

The one gadget that I would consider buying is the 3 Skype Phone as I consider it to be disruptive and a natural progression in communication. The ability to make free calls to other Skype users (There's about 240 million of them) is very attractive. If you have relatives in Europe or Australia on Skype you can ring them for free. From a technical point of view I am hearing conflicting reports on whether it will work over a GSM signal. I hope that it will as it may force me to reconsider my decision.

Initially the Skype service is being launched on prepay phones. I will wait however for the service to become available on pre pay services such as Talktime 100.

Science week takes place this week. Damien Mulley alerted me to the fact that they are running a competition each day.

Todays competition focuses on what invention you would want to see most in the future. Having grown up reading Michael Crichton and William Gibson I would love see a device that would analyse your DNA, detect illnesses and cure them. This would take place in the space of 1 hour and would be creative commons/ open patent so that it would be made freely available to all people and nations.

This may in the long run cause problems with longer life etc but it would help to cure horrific diseases like bowel cancer.

A beginners guide to programming embedded Processors

| | Comments (0) have an interesting article that takes the novice through the basic steps in programming an embedded processor. This article will prove useful to students who are facing into an embedded processor project as part of their academic studies

The basics of programming embedded processors

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