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New Multimedia programme

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In our new Multimedia programme in Tipperary Institute which will commence in Sept 08 students will learn the fundamentals of cables, encoding decoding of audio and video. OS concepts on windows, Linux and MAC. Data transmission technologies, computer architecture etc.

Students will learn how to connect, operate and transfer data between audio visual and multimedia equipment. Existing equipment such as Video cameras and digital cameras etc will be utilised as part of this course.

This experience will allow the students to pursue a wide range of work placement opportunities and is necessary to fulfill the requirements of the Multimedia technology 1 and 2 as described in the course submission.

Bertie Ahern statements dissected and analysed by Gavin

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Gavinsblog does a fantastic job of analysing the statements made by our taoiseach/prime minister and provides 19 examples of contradictions that later emerged as part of the ongoing tribunal investigations. Well worth reading as it succinctly lists the contentious issues.

The 3 Skype bill pay rip off

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The much hyped Skype service for monthly contract customers is subject to users paying an extra 14.99 a month for an X-series silver package which allows unlimited data etc.

If you have the 5.99 100Mb per month package you cannot use Skype. As a user who switched to three so as to enjoy Skype I am pretty annoyed with their restrictive implementation. I have no intention at the moment to pay an extra 15 euros a month to use Skype.

Three are very restrictive on their broadband packages as they don't allow IMAP access from your mobile phone to your corporate exchange server.

I think three only want to appeal to the pay as you go young customer whose parents are handing them credit and don't appreciate the costs and models being used to maximise their revenue.

The traditional bill/contract customer is being ignored and made to pay exorbitant prices for add ons that other companies provide as default. This is very silly and dangerous strategy to adopt as it will alienate a more predictable a lucrative source of income i.e. bill pay customers

If you are unhappy with this implementation email 3 and let them know

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