QTrax – Ignore the Hype, can I place tracks on my mp3 player

Qtrax is getting alot of air time discussion on Irish radio. I was on Tipp fm this morning to explain how mp3 quality is a function of file size and the size of your MP3 player and your broadband speed will determine the size and the quality of your mp3 files.
The key feature that Qtrax is missing is the ability to transfer tracks onto an mp3 player and play them. Qtrax will run on a windows XP or Vista PC and as of March 18th will run on the Mac OS. The Qtrax desktop app will keep track of the number of plays and royalty payments will be partly based on this info. Qtrax also plan to implement an advertising model, details of this are sketchy but will come apparent once Qtrax goes on release on midnight EST

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