Robocode Logistic planning

This morning we had a three hour logistic planning meeting for Robocode 08 and XNA 08 and Schoolbots 08 which will take place in Tipperary Institute on March 13th 2008. It is our 5th year running Robocode, our second year running Schoolbots and our first year running XNA. I reckon that if I ever retire from this job I will setup an event management company and specilaise in organising Rock Concerts and Tech conferences 🙂 I will have to take some people from some of the other depts with me, who help us out every year.
Every year we try to up the ante and introduce something new, this year is no exception. We are looking forward to the arrival of ten secondary schools to compete in School Bots as well as most of the third levels who will take part in either Robocode, XNA or both.
I am looking forward to the event and hopefully all the frantic email and phone calls that are taking place now will make the day an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

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