Build your own insulation blower

There are two interesting cllips on Youtube that show two different approches to building you own insulation blower. The first uses a hairdryer (Yes you are reading that correctly)

The second utilises a vacuum cleaner/blower

The vacuum blower seems to be the safer of the two, but I know I can get my hands on an old hairdryer. I will need to remove heating elements etc and run it off a 12v battery however so I may have to rethink my strategy.


  1. digger doug says:

    I’ve retrofitted an old cellulose insulation blower
    that was missing the expensive blower.
    I used a standard electric leaf blower.
    The sears unit I used was rated for continous duty,
    and the lexan blades (made to shred up to small twigs)
    seems none the worse for wear after a couple of hours
    of use.
    Yes, I coupled a long hose to the output (50′ long)
    and it worked just fine.
    If you don’t want to make the stirring mechanism,
    I’m sure some plywood could be use to build a box,
    with the blower intake couple in a 4″ dia. hole
    near the bottom.
    This would have the “stuffer” (person loading the bales)
    also having to crumble and regulate the material
    into the blower. A rake or a spade might be good here.

  2. Liam Noonan says:

    Hi Doug,
    That sounds like a great project.
    Cellulose blowers are next to impossible to source in Ireland.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi Im glad to see some Ideas out there, my husband is trying to build one out of a drum and leaf blower, cant find something to crumble up the material like a blade system so just a turn handel for now, keep up the ideas and good luck

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