How to improve heat and sound insulation between internal wall partitions

A common problem with houses in Ireland is that the internal stud partitions are not sound proofed or insulated. In the USA one can quiet easily hire an insulation blower and blow in cellulose which has good acoustic and thermal insulation properties. Easy2diy show you how to do this using an animated tutorial it is proving very difficult to find one for hire in Irelland however. If you do know where I can hire an insulation blower please leave a comment on this entry. Thanks.
Update 19th Feb 2008
An Irish company will be coming to my house in March to blow in Rockwool insulation into my cavity walls, internal partitions and the joists between my first and ground floor (My house is a dormer so access to the floor joists is possible). It will be interesting to see what improvement will be made to our sound and heat issues.

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  1. Noel says:

    I’d like to get this done in my house too. Can you tell me how it worked out? And who was the company in question?

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